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After much speculation and wait, the much hyped Apple ticker from the Cupertino tech giant has hit the shelves late last month. The wearable device has been hailed as the king of smart watches and is expected to revive the wearable market after some underwhelming launches from the rival brands. If you’re a proud owner of the gorgeous gadget, you’ll want to enhance

If you’re a proud owner of the gorgeous gadget, you’ll want to enhance performance of the device or find some cool hacks that other users are yet to know. After all, this is one premium and feature loaded wearable you will love flaunting!

Listed below are a few useful Apple Watch tips you should know.

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Taking a Screenshot on Apple Watch

This is something a majority of Smartphone users already indulge in. You may wonder why doing the same may be necessary for a smartwatch user! Well, you may take a screenshot using Apple Watch just to demonstrate how health conscious you are!

How else your close pals are to know that you have run for a longer distance and taken more steps than usual? The task is very simple- all you need to do is press both the Digital Crown and the side button. After that, the screenshot will appear in the photos app on both your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Force Closing Apps on Apple Watch

It will not happen every day, but once in a while you may get irate by an app in your Apple Watch that runs slow and performs below par. You can surely force the app to close and restart it.

For this, you have to press the side button and hold it till the power down slider shows up on screen. Then you should release it and press-hold the side button once more until the app vanishes. You will be taken to the home screen and then you may re-launch the app.

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Hard Resetting the Device

Most of the times, your Apple Watch will run smoothly but it is a device after all. In some rare instances, you may find the device freezing. To get out of the situation, press and hold down the digital crown and side button for 10 seconds or so. Upon a successful reset, you will see the familiar Apple Logo appearing on screen and the device will reset.

Clearing All Apple Watch Notifications at Once


There is no denying the fact that the Apple Watch, like rival smartwatch models, have a small screen and that cannot be helped as well! When you find the screen cluttered with so many notifications, its utility suffers even more. While you can very well swipe every single notification on the screen, it is also possible to clear all notifications with a single tap.

After bringing down the notification center, apply Force Touch and it will pop up a new action prompting for clearing all the notifications.

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Locating the iPhone Using the Apple Watch

Image : WonderHowTo

Does not this sound quite geeky thing! It may so happen that you have placed the iPhone in some corner of the home, maybe near the laundry basket and forgot about it! Instead of searching frantically for the device, it is cool and convenient that you use the Apple Watch.

You can use the smart watch to ping the iPhone. You just need to swipe up the Glance and choose Ping iPhone button. The only thing is that you should not be too far from the phone while doing this.

Adjust Apple Watch Haptic Feedback Intensity

Image : Quartz

You may find the default settings for the haptic feedback in your Apple Watch to be mild. It is possible to increase and adjust the level of intensity. In Apple Watch, you can use Settings > Sounds & Haptics and then adjust the slider control to your liking.

Improving Battery Life of Your Apple Watch

The basic concept behind extending battery life of your Apple Watch is the same as the concept working for iPhone or other smartphones! If you want the wearable to last longer on single charge, adjusting the brightness levels may help.

The Apple Watch app present in your iPhone can be used for this. You need to select Brightness and Text Size and slide the bar. You may also reduce motion and animations for the same benefits.

Summing it Up

So, you can see that there are so many tricks using which you can extract maximum performance from your Apple Watch and enhance its utility. The best thing is that you need not use third-party apps much to get the benefits.

Do you have tips and tricks of your own for the Apple Watch? Share them with us in the comments below.