Google is just now rolling out new ways to integrate Search on desktop with Android devices. You can now send notes, links, directions, alarms and “find my phone” commands through desktop Search to a connected Android device.

Usage and setup is simple. It’s especially great if you find yourself using Google Now-style commands to track your activity with reminders and notes. Here’s how to do it.

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How to Send Notes, Directions, Links and Alarms Through Search

To send content through search, you need to first meet all the requirements. Open the Play Store on your Android device and make sure your Google Search app is updated to the latest version and has notifications enabled.

After that, make sure Web & App Activity is enabled. You also must be logged into your Google account on desktop and Android.

After that, open up Google Search on desktop and enter in your command. You can input:

  • send directions
  • note to self
  • set an alarm
  • find my phone
  • remind me


Pressing enter after that will bring up a Google Now-style card that lets you enter data for whatever query you’ve selected.

The data syncs to your phone in seconds, allowing you to access data quickly on your phone. Google’s servers are pretty reliable for this kind of thing.

The service is useful in the same way as Pushbullet. You can enter data on your nice cushy desktop PC with its full keyboard and not have to touch-type out an entire address in Google Maps.

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Unfortunately, this service does not have the ubiquity of Pushbullet. As of now directions only go from desktop Google Search to Android. Mobile-to-mobile doesn’t work. Pushbullet, on the other hand, works between any two platforms it runs on (which is almost all of them).

The reminder service is a useful hook into something built into Google Now. You can talk to an Android phone and tell it to remind you about something and it’ll buzz your phone. Now you can input those reminders from desktop.


The cool part is you can even set reminders by location. Shopping list that reminds me to get everything I need when I get near a Walmart? Yes, please.

To view the reminders and events you’ve entered into Google, type “my events” or “my reminders.”

For more detailed steps on setting up reminders, check out Google’s help page.

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