Stratiform Firefox AddonStratiform refers to itself as, “your customization pal who’s fun to be with” and that it is. With this Firefox add-on, you can customize the toolbar, tab bar, add-on bar, and Firefox button in just a few clicks.

While Stratiform can be used with just about any theme, it’s recommended that you use it with the default theme for best results. This addon currently works with Firefox versions 4.0 and up.

Stratiform is not at all complicated to use and within a few minutes, you’ll have a nice, custom look to your Firefox browser. The best part of the customization process is that you can see a preview of each style type within the options and when you select an option, you’ll see the change instantly within Firefox.

Once installed you’ll see the Stratiform button in the Firefox navigation bar (see image below – the button at the far right labeled “S”). From there it’s as simple as clicking the button to open up the options and then start customizing to your heart’s content.

Stratiform Button In Firefox Toolbar

Customizing Your Firefox With Stratiform:


Under the toolbar tab, you can customize your button styles, background, and miscellaneous settings. There are 9 button sets of buttons, 4 sets of icons, and 6 different types of text fields to choose from. Remember, once you choose a style, you’ll notice the difference immediately in your browser.

Stratiform Toolbar Settings

Next, you can customize your button backgrounds by choosing a preset color or using a background image. If you don’t like any of the preset colors, you can use the advanced feature to create your own color or change the hue, saturation, brightness or opacity of one of the preset colors.

Stratiform Advanced Color Options

Lastly, you can change the radius of your button borders. The larger the radius, the rounder your buttons will be. By default, it’s set to the least amount, which is just about square. However, the maximum radius gives you perfectly rounded edges. Under miscellaneous you can also change the positive of the favorites (star) icon in the address bar; it can be moved from the right to the left side of the address bar.

Tab Bar

Under the Tab Bar settings, you can change style, background, and dimensions of your tabs. There are 5 types of tab styles to choose from here. You can then set the color of inactive tabs and the selected tab. Just like the Toolbar settings, there are advanced color options.

Note: Changing the background color of the selected tab also changes the background color of the address bar.

Stratiform Tab Bar Settings

Under dimensions you can change the width and height of your tabs; so you can make them smaller, longer, taller, or shorter.

Add-on Bar

There are not many options here, but you can change the style of your add-on bar (2 style types) and status popups (3 style types).

Firefox Button

This is a very unique feature because it not only lets you change the background color of the Firefox button, but you can also change the size and label. You can choose to use the default size or the slimmer version (which just uses the Firefox logo). Under miscellaneous, you can also change the actual label of this button to whatever you want it to say (see image below).

Stratiform Firefox Button Customization

Final Result

As you see in the image above, you can get some nice effects and even make the toolbar area a bit more condensed. If you can’t find a theme you like or just want a subtle change within the default Firefox theme, Stratiform is the perfect option. It’s simple enough for anyone to use and it won’t take all day to get the look you want.

Download the Stratiform Firefox addon