Must Watch YouTube Kids Channels

YouTube is a pretty awesome resource for great visual content, especially educational and vocational content for kids. That is if you can manage to keep the unsuitable content out of their way. Recently, Google released a kids-only version of YouTube available as an app on iOS and Android.

YouTube Kids curates child-friendly content, which is educational, entertaining and can keep your kids occupied for hours on end. You don’t have to worry about your kids clicking their way into expletive-filled rants or gory stuff you don’t want them to watch. No need to put on the parental controls as all the channels are filtered by Google.

If you’re excited about YouTube Kids and can’t wait to get off this page and download the app, we’d urge you to read on. We tried out the app and came across some fantastic channels you must check out. Some of these channels are suitable for toddlers and  for some for teens, but they’re all guaranteed to make you smile, laugh and gawk in amazement.

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This is undoubtedly one of the most popular and useful kids channel on YouTube. The cute animated characters dancing on screen will surely lure the kids and they will love listening to the rhymes and songs. HooplaKidz has a wide range of children’s songs and nursery rhymes. It is best suited for children going to nursery or even a little younger.

The Aesop’s fables section can also be enticing for kids. The ‘How to spell’ video is pretty useful for teaching toddlers how to spell words in English. This channel is really attractive, colorful and has excellent content.

Whiz Kid Science


Whiz Kid Science is one YouTube Kids channel that exposes young learners to various nuances of science without being boring. There are tons of science experiments on the channel using stuff around the house. The videos we liked the most were ‘How to make a rubber egg’ and ‘How to make a volcano’.

It simplifies complex concepts in easy to understand and fun way. The videos come with subtitles for easier understanding. The young boy who demonstrates the experiments is adorable and someone your kids can relate with.



MinutePhysics aims to explain the physics behind the world around us in under a minute. From the solar system to laws of gravity, its all there and explained in an easy to understand manner. The channel would appeal to teens and tweens.

The videos are a joy to watch and include illustrations and voice-overs that keep viewers engaged. While you’re on the channel, do check out the video  ‘Astronomically Correct Twinkle Twinkle’ it’s a riot!

Kids Animal Channel


If your toddlers are particularly fond of animals, they’ll love Kids Animal Channel. This channel has some awesome wildlife videos. From cute, furry rodents to scary big mammals- there is everything that can catch a kid’s imagination.

Some of the videos your kids may love include ‘animal babies’, ‘funny animal outtakes’ and ‘Who’s Got Milk: A Day at the Dairy Farm’. The videos can be over 20 minutes, but they are quite engaging, featuring both real world creatures and their cartoon counterparts.

Simple Kids Crafts


Simple Kids Crafts is an innovative YouTube Kids channel that helps hone the creative skills of your children. Little girls will love watching the videos showing ways to repair and restore damaged dolls. They even have an entire playlist dedicated to making crafts as seen in ‘Frozen’!

It is not exclusively meant for girls though. There are videos showing ways to make interesting crafts for boys as well. The best part is that your kids can use simple household items and you do not have to splurge on expensive raw material for these craft ideas.

Sick Science!


Sick Science is just the channel to get your young ones hooked to. There are videos of some amazing tips and tricks using stuff around the house. Some of the tricks are impressive enough to try on adults too. So don’t be surprised if your little one turns a glass of water at the dinner table in all hues of a rainbow!

The experiments on the channel are safe and interesting and your kids will love trying them out. The ‘Science with sugar’ videos deserves a special mention, and is worth a watch!

Make me Genius


Make Me Genius covers topics such as nature, human body, geography, science and many others to make learning fun. The videos are made using still images, diagrams, animated characters and voiceovers – all put together to teach without seeming like lessons.

Some of the interesting videos to check out are “How electricity is produced”, “Different seasons” and “needs of living things”.

Busy Beavers


Busy Beavers is aimed at kids who love singing and dancing. The rhymes and songs also incorporate teaching in a fun way. Few of the many loved videos there, ‘The ABC Alphabet’ song video and ‘The Apple is red’ video.

There are language learning videos along with fun nursery rhymes that will get your little one’s attention instantly. Some of the videos feature the funny and chirpy animated beaver character. The channel is quite resourceful, but the ads to buy DVDs can be somewhat nagging.

Ted Ed – Superhero Science


TED is among the top resources on the internet to learn from some of the luminaries in their field. The TED-Ed channel is no different. There’s tons of content here that’ll keep your kids glued it for hours. Do check out the Ted Ed – Superhero Science, it has a number of videos that explain concepts like super speed and invisibility in a comic strip format.

These videos covering topics like immortality are like eye openers not only for kids but grownups too. What’s more? You can tweak and create customized lessons that your kids will simply love!

Sarah-Grace Loving Food


This one’s a special recommendation from Vikram, our very own editor at Technorms!

There’s nothing more adorable than watching a bunch of kids get their hands dirty in the kitchen. Even better if they can whip up your favorite dessert in the process.

Watch these adorable kids cook up a storm in the kitchen. Just the right kinda motivation to get your little ones to help out, we’d say!

Making the Most of YouTube Kids App

While Google has ensured their bit to keep inappropriate content out, it pays to keep an eye on while the kids are online. The app functionality, as it is, is not very different from the YouTube you know already. Voice search and manual search work exactly the same way and tapping videos for playback is identical too.

You may want to let your kids use it on a tablet since the app works only in landscape mode. As it is, the app’s tablet version makes it easier for young ones to operate controls with their tiny fingers easily.

There is no content filter option here. However, you can remove the search button from this app to ensure the kids do not wander off. Parents can also impose a time limit using a slider bar. The parental controls are basic, overall. Kids who are slightly grown up and tech-savvy, can change the settings if they want.

It’s a Wrap

There are quite a few YouTube Kids Channels that can help your young ones learn without being bored to tears. Some of them are interesting enough to keep even the adults hooked. If you haven’t already, give it a spin today.