Best Podcasting Apps for Android

Podcasts have come a long way since the iPod era or even the age of the Apple monopoly when syncing podcasts with iPhones required an extensive search through your iTunes. These days even the Android users are just as podcast savvy as the rest and can download them, sync them and listen to them, all in a jiffy.

The popularity of podcasts has led to a flurry of apps that have bombarded the Google Play Store. While all these are definite value adds, there are some apps that stand apart in their sheer ease of use and user-friendly interface.

They might vary in the way they organize your podcasts or allow you to search but there is no denying that these are definitely worth their price for a podcast lover. We are listing some of the best Android podcast apps that are bound to delight the audiophile in you.

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Pocket Casts

Best Podcasting Apps for Android

If you are looking for elegance matched with impeccable efficiency then Pocket Casts is the app for you. This podcast app is extremely easy on the eye with a tile formatted display that is a pleasure to scroll. Searching for your favorite podcast is a visual delight with the colorful interface. The grid based look, depth effects and slide out menu perfectly embrace the Material Design of Android.

The app boasts Featured and Trending sections which are the places to go to if you are looking for the most happening podcasts. The main menu of the app allows immediate access to your downloaded content and you can even create your own customized categories here.

It is also possible to subscribe to feeds and grant permission to download them either through WiFi or the mobile network. The app also allows you to sync the podcasts with your desktop through a Pocket casts web app.

Player FM

Best Podcasting Apps for Android

Here is another great app for the light podcast user. The look and feel is very similar to the Pocket casts app with its grid layout and vibrant colors. However, this is a free app and has some limitations; the biggest being that a user can only store a maximum of 20 subscriptions. The Player FM team is planning to come up with a Gold membership option that would do away with this subscription limit.

Player FM has a web app as well which allows you to listen to desktop music. The Player FM web app offers sign in through Google and saves you the hassle of creating another login.


Best Podcasting Apps for Android

Do not be misled by the rather frivolous name, there is nothing light-hearted about this app. It’s meant for the serious podcast subscribers who love to chance upon the undiscovered or brand new podcasts. DoggCatcher is priced at $2.99 and allows unlimited subscriptions which can be separated in as many categories as you desire.

The look of this app is an amalgamation of the latest Material Design’ of Google and the former Holo look of the good old Jelly Beans days. The app has different sections for audio, video, and news making it easy to find what you are looking for.

The Subscribe section is the perfect place to find new podcasts as you browse through the various categories and even the recommendations by the app based on your usage and search history. A unique feature here is the resizable audio player. You can enlarge it or hide it altogether. You can even browse through feeds, while the player runs in the background.


Best Podcasting Apps for Android

This is a free trial app that allows you access to all its features for a week after which things like Chromecast support, automatic downloads and device synchronization disappear. In order to retain these you would have to opt for an in-app upgrade worth $6.99.

This may sound a little steep when compared to the other apps but BeyondPod definitely goes much beyond the average podcast app. It has a preview feature that allows you to sample each feed before you actually subscribe to it.

The numerous search categories make finding what you are looking for a breeze. It is possible to search by the country of origin, category of the feed and even the publisher. The app offers Chromecast support. It allows you to regulate the number of feeds that your hardware would retain in case space ever becomes an issue.

Podcast Addict


This free, ad-supported app is rich in features and allows users to find great new content with ease. Podcast Addict allows users to import feeds from several sources and has a variety of search criteria to help you hone in on what you are looking for quickly.

The app also allows organizing YouTube channels and RSS feeds. This is definitely a unique feature, as most other podcast apps do not provide it. Chromecast support is another valuable addition as the experience of listening to great music is definitely augmented by a pair of great speakers.

PodCast Republic


This free app allows you to search iTunes directly through your Android phone. The Podcast Republic app supports many languages and is capable of coughing up any podcast out there with the right search options. It has an inbuilt media player and ChromeCast support that allows you to listen to your favorite podcasts.

In Conclusion

While the choices might vary basis an individual’s tastes and needs these are some of the best Podcast apps that Android has on offer. Each one of them have the basics expected from a good podcast app and have built up on them with some unique strengths that can augment a user’s podcast listening experience manifold.

The free apps might not be as feature rich as the paid ones but for a light podcast user they definitely deliver the goods. The paid apps of course are the very cream offering more than what any podcast lover can every hope for.

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