The M-azing Experience

Android has come a long way since its inception. This mobile OS is one of the best in the market today and is definitely the only OS that provides stiff competition to Apple’s all powerful iOS.

Having said that, Android is by no means perfect, there is still some scope for improvement. Google the official creator of Android understands this and has given us a new improved version of the OS almost every single year.

This year will be no exception. Android M is the next OS version to hit the markets. We expect Google to come up with the release either this summer or by the end of September which have been the general timeframes for Android releases in the past.

What is Android M?

Android M is the name given to the newest version of the Android OS that is expected to be released this year by Google. The new version would consist mainly of improvements and additions to the existing features of its predecessor, Android L or Android Lollipop.

Google unveiled the OS in May 2015 and made its Developer Preview available for Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 phones, the Nexus 9 tablet and Nexus Player set-top box. Since then Google has released the Developer Preview 2 for these gadgets as well.

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The Android M Clock


The look and feel of the Android M Clock is pretty similar to what we have come to expect from the Lollipop Android display clocks. It boasts the same amazing array of features that include alarms, timers, world clock and more. There is one significant addition in the new Android M clock which a lot of office goers would appreciate.

The Android M clock allows users to select the day when they want to ‘start’ their weeks. The selection is relegated to Saturday, Sunday and Monday. But even this is a start as generally ‘Sunday’ is considered as the default start for a week, however there are quite a few office workers who consider Sunday to be the blissful end to a week. The Android M caters to their requirements perfectly.

How to Install the Awesome Android M Clock on Any Device

As mentioned earlier the developer previews for Android M Clock are currently available only for Nexus devices. If you are the proud owner of one then you could sample the new OS right away through the Nexus Root Toolkit or Fastboot.

Those without a Nexus handset do not lose heart; if you want to check the Android M Clock out on your Android phone or any tablet then that is possible through a Google endorsed APK.  The only prerequisite here is that the device runs on Android 4.1 or higher.

  • Enable Unknown Sources on Your Device:

Enable Unknown Sources is the secret behind true control of your Android phone. Enabling this feature allows you to download apps from other sources apart from the usual Google Play Store arena. There is no rooting involved here.


If you want to switch ‘Enable Unknown Sources’ on, head to the main setting menu of your phone. There you would see either ‘Lock Screen and security’ or just plain ‘security’ basis the device in use. Under this menu you would find an ‘Unknown Sources’ tab which needs to be turned on. Android would come up with a customary warning when you do this, click on OK here to finish the process.

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Despite the dire warnings from Android Enabling Unknown Sources poses no security threat to your phone or its contents as long as you download things from trusted sources.

  • Install Android M Clock

Getting the new Android M Clock in your Android phones is very easy once you have enabled unknown sources. Just use this APK Mirror link to download the clock. The download should not take long if you already have a clock app as this clock is more of an update than a completely new one. After the download is complete click on the resulting window to install the clock.


This is all it takes to get the new clock on your mobile phone. However, this app is still under the testing phase so there might be some bugs lurking around that you might encounter. We have not faced any problems so far though.

For the more curious souls out there Google has made it possible to download the entire app drawer from the new Android M on any Android device. This would give you access not only to the new clock but a host of other apps that factor in the improvements that have been made with Android M.

You do not need to root your system to get these features; all that is required here is an Android device with an Android 4 or higher version and with its “Enable Unknown Sources” feature turned on.

In order to get the entire app drawer experience you need to install the Android M Google App APK. You would also need the Google Now Launcher to be able to launch the new app drawer. If you already have it in your device then nothing to it, else get it from the Google Play.

With these two simple steps you are ready to enjoy the new Android M experience that is bound to be an absolute pleasure. However, if for some reason you do not like it or face problems then it is pretty easy to revert back to your tried and tested app drawer. Just uninstall the new Google app and reinstall the original versions from here.

Final Thoughts

Android M might well be the OS that addresses all our woes. A successful Google Wallet which has been a dream till now might become a reality thanks to the improved operating system.

We are also hoping to see a more unified messaging feature that would provide a Blackberry like ease of messaging on our Android phones. Android M would also ensure greater security by allowing us greater control on the permissions given to individual apps.