Annoying Android Features

Android’s plethora of features contributes greatly to its popularity. While an iOS environment might be a little more secure but it does not offer the total control over your device that an Android does.

However, there are some features in this system that can be particularly annoying. While these are by no means deal breakers we would definitely want to see less of them to enjoy our phones a lot better.

Let us see some such maddening Android features that we can do very well without. The good news here is that if you do not like something then there is really no need to put up with it. In typical Android style, the reins are completely in the user’s hands and switching these features off should take no more than a few minutes.

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Ever Persistent Location Finder


Have you ever felt that your phone’s battery is draining rapidly despite minimal usage? In all possibility ‘Location Services’ are to blame here. While we really can’t discredit this feature altogether, after all it might prove a life saver if you ever get lost in a desert – we are assuming here that the desert has cellular towers. However, in our day-to-day lives a location finder is seldom used. Thus, it is a good idea to turn this feature off unless you really need it.

You are most likely to have selected Location Service during the initial setup of your phone. However, it is never too late to get rid of this intrusive feature. Place two fingers on the lollipop and then swipe from the top of your screen to launch the Quick Menu. Here you can tap on the GPS option or the Location pin to turn off the feature instantly.

Location services can prove useful while navigation. You can switch them on as you travel to unknown places once again.

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Launch the Quick Menu and then keep the Location icon pressed for some time. It would automatically direct you to Settings > Location. You could go there through the Settings app as well.

Here you could turn the location services off or switch them on or even limit their pervasiveness if so desired. This can be done by selecting whether you want the feature to use GPS, Wi-Fi or mobile services.

Turning off this annoying feature would not only increase you battery life manifold as constant back and forth pings to your mobile stop but also increase your privacy. Turning off location services gives you some measure of control on maintaining your privacy, a term which is increasingly losing its meaning.

Automatic Screen Turn Off


This is a feature that can surely prove invaluable for the battery life of your phone. However, try watching a video on your Android and you would soon be cursing the so-called thoughtfulness of the Android developers.

This is true for apps like Kindle as well where you really wouldn’t like to rush through your book in order to appease the Android’s sensibilities. However, fear not, it is now possible to keep you screen awake for more than a few seconds without having to continually swipe at it.

To change the screen timeout settings, Go to Settings > Display. You’ll find the Screen timeout or Sleep setting here. Tapping this will allow you to change the screen time out on your phone.

Caffeine is an app that allows you to choose those applications for which you require the screen to remain on, despite prolonged inactivity. Ensure that you select an option that allows you to turn off the screen manually whenever desired despite the app being a member of the Caffeine keep alive list.

Turn Off Heads-up Notifications


There was a time in the good old KitKat days when notifications were provided in a discreet ticker text displayed on the status bar. In today’s frenzy of instant responses and active social media presence, Android has decided to let go of discretion in favor of allowing you to know what is happening in your world right, right away.

This can be quite a distraction if you  are doing any serious work on your mobile, or watching a video or even are at the part of your book where you get to know that the butler was actually the murderer.

You can adjust or completely turn off notifications by going to Settings > Device > Sounds & Notifications > Interruptions and adjust them to your liking.

HeadsOff is an app that helps you achieve a modicum of peace by allowing you to turn off these annoying heads-up notifications. The apps allows you to list the applications which would be able to send you the heads-up notifications. If you were particularly fond of the good old ticker texts then those could be available to you as well, if you buy the paid version of the app.

App Icons on your Display


The beauty of Android is that it allows you to control nearly every aspect of your device. Once you have spent hours rooting your phone and then coming up with backgrounds that are just right and app icon pictures that suit your personality to the ‘T’, it can be quite irritating to see Google Play Store blithely take a hatchet to all your efforts.

The automatic display on your home screen of any app that you download from Play Store can be really off-putting to the more aesthetically inclined Android users. The good news is that you can take back all home screen rights from the Play Store in a matter of seconds.

Open the Play Store and then go to Settings.

Here you would see an option that says Add icon to Home Screen.

Un-check this criteria and Play Store can no longer wreak havoc to your screen display.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of awesome features on Android that we can’t do without. The tiny irritants that we have just mentioned form a very small portion of the otherwise incredible Android experience.

Thanks to the tips mentioned here you can easily control these as well and use them only when they suite your purpose.  So, go ahead and enjoy all the goodies on offer without having to deal with the negatives.