Windows 10 Home users will find that updates are automatically installed with very little details of what’s being fixed, tweaked and changed. You agreed to this when you upgraded to Windows 10, so you’re stuck with those updates.

However, if you’re even more adventurous, you can still opt into the Windows Insider program and get builds not pushed out to the general public until they’re finished.

Of course, opting into Windows 10 Insider builds is risky, but it can be rewarding in fixing bugs and issues, along with introducing you with new features before anybody else using the OS. Let’s look at how to opt into the Windows 10 Insider builds after upgrading to Microsoft’s latest release.

Opting Into Windows Insider Builds Post-Windows 10

Before you opt into Windows Insider builds, make sure you’ve created system recovery media along with backing up your more important files and folders. While the Insider program now is less risky than it was before Windows 10 went RTM, there’s still risk involved in testing out new features and fixes.

Once you’ve created recovery media and backed up your files, you’re ready to opt in.

From Cortana’s search bar, search for “Updates.”


Click on “Check for updates” when it pops up.


Then, click on “Advanced options.”

(4) get inside builders - adv options

At the bottom of the Windows Update Advanced options, you’ll find Get Insider builds.

Click on “Get started” to continue.


A pop-up will appear giving you a rundown of what you can expect with pre-release software related to Windows 10. If you agree to what you’re jumping into, click on “Next.” Otherwise, click “Cancel.”


Another pop-up will ask you to confirm your choice. Click “Confirm” to opt in.


After this, you’ll need to restart your PC. Make sure you’ve saved your work and then click “Restart now.”


Once restarted, if you head back to the Windows Update Advanced options, you’ll be able to choose the speed at which you get Insider builds. If you’re not scared, choose “Fast” from the drop down menu.

When Windows Update runs in the background going forward, you’ll be upgrading and installing Windows 10 Insider builds, along with regular hot fixes and updates to your system.

You can stop Insider builds by clicking “Stop Insider builds” from the Windows Update Advanced options. Keep in mind that if you’ve deleted your Windows.old folder, you may not be able to rollback without performing a clean install of Windows 10.


Why would Windows 10 users want to opt into Insider builds? If you want new features, potential fixes and more, this is your ticket. Depending on your PC, you may want to see what Microsoft is offering Windows 10 users before everyone else; you may not want to do that at all.

It’s up to you and Microsoft gives you the choice of whether to opt into Windows 10 Insider builds or not.