Microsoft’s finally given Windows users a step up from the boring, uneventful Notification Area we’ve grown used to. With Windows 10, the Notification Area is completely revamped giving users more functionality at their fingertips.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to dig into the Settings app to get something done. Let’s look at the new Windows 10 Notification Area and just what you can and can’t do with it.

Using the Windows 10 Notification Area

(2) taskbar notification icon

The new Notification Area is now known as the Action Center. You can open the Action Center at any time by clicking on the chat bubble icon in the Taskbar towards the clock and date.

Your Windows 10 Action Center will show you all notifications you might’ve missed if you didn’t see the balloon pop up or have them disabled. You can clear notifications as you see fit from here, too.

The Windows 10 Action Center also hosts a handful of quick access settings for you to work with, such as your Wi-Fi network, Airplane Mode and more.


You can change what settings are located in the Action Setting through the Settings app by searching for “Notifications and actions.”


From there, you’ll select “Quick Actions.”


Now, you can customize those settings as you see fit.

Disabling Notifications in the Windows 10 Action Center

Disabling notifications in Windows 10 comes down to doing so through the Action Center or the Settings app.

You can turn off Sound notifications through your Volume Controls. These steps will vary from system-to-system depending on your sound card and apps used to control your volume.

By turning on “Quiet Hours” in the Action Center, you can turn off notifications for a set period of time set up in the Settings app.

Some Windows 10 apps will also let you turn off notifications via the app’s settings.

Depending on how often the notifications appear, how they appear, and how they affect the use of Windows 10 will determine how you deal with them. For the most part, Windows 10 notifications seem to be less intrusive than in Windows 8 and 8.1.

What About the Rest of the “Notification Area?”

You still have the same old controls you’re used to with the rest of the Notification Area, such as changing the date and time, the icons that appear next to that and extras. You can also customize the Taskbar as you’re used to doing as well. Those features haven’t changed at all in Windows 10.


The Windows 10 Action Center is a welcome improvement to a feature Windows has had for decades that just didn’t work the way it should. It’s visually appealing, the customization you can do can change how it works for you, and you can disable notifications all together if necessary.

The Windows 10 Action Center is meant to help you notice important events on your PC, use it as you see fit to get more from Windows 10.

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