Firefox-Logo We have seen before how we can create and manage multiple Firefox profiles and how the profiles offer more flexibility while using Firefox.

If we are able to run more than one Firefox profile simultaneously, we can get more work done and focus on different aspects of the online work at the same time.

Firefox Profile Menu

For example, you can use the “Social” profile open to share new stuff with your friends or the “Addon Tests” profile to test new Firefox addons and at the same time run the “Web Dev” profile to make changes in website design.

Since we have specific addons installed for each profile, they would serve their purpose in better way, instead of loading all the addons in a single profile and overloading Firefox.

How to use different Firefox Profiles simultaneously:

Once  you create a Firefox Profile, you can only use a single profile at one time. In order to use more than one profile at a given time you need to create a new shortcut that can give you the option to start a specific profile, or you can create a shortcut that would give option to select any profile you want, like we see in the above screenshot. Lets see how we can create shortcuts for each of these scenarios.

Create shortcut to access a specific profile you want:

Among the many profiles you see in the above screenshot, I use the “Addons Test” most often, since I test a number of addons. Hence I prefer to have a direct shortcut to this profile. Lets see how we can create a shortcut to a specific profile.

You may already have a Firefox shortcut on your desktop, now create another shortcut. You can just copy and paste the current shortcut if you like. Once created, right-click on it and click on “Properties”.
In the Target box type in the following string after the quotes:

-P Your Profile Name -no-remote

Create Shortcut for Specific Firefox Profile

Replace “Your Profile Name” with the actual name of the profile. As seen in the screenshot, I have replaced it with “Addon Tests”. So its says: “-P Addon Tests -no-remote”.

Now the Firefox Shortcut (2) would open up this profile directly. You can rename the shortcut to Firefox Addon Tests to help you know which profile it represents. This way you can create separate shortcuts for each profile.

Create shortcut to access the entire list of Firefox profiles:

In case you would like to manually select, which profile you want to open each time, you need to remove the real profile name from the previously shown string. So the string would look like this:

-P -no-remote

Add this in the target box in the Properties dialog box, as shown in the screenshot below. Now every time you click on this shortcut, you would get the list of various profiles you have created and you can select which profile you want to run(as seen in very first screenshot). You can of course, use more than one profiles simultaneously.

Firefox Profile Shortcut for Profile List

If Firefox is your default browser, you can make these changes in the Firefox icon shown in the Windows Start Menu itself. You can thus select and use multiple profiles at same time, improving efficiency of Firefox and significantly reducing memory consumption.

If you have any questions about how to use this please feel free to let us know in the comments.