YouTube Red is a premium version of YouTube that is slated to be available for US consumers from October 28th. It is a paid service that offers a ‘better’ experience on YouTube while giving some very useful features to the users. There are several reasons why this is a big deal and you might want to look into it.

Things to know about YouTube Red

How much does YouTube Red cost?

YouTube Red is a paid subscription service that costs $9.99 per month.

What are the main benefits of YouTube Red?

There are three main benefits of a YouTube Red subscription:

  • Ad-free videos
    Zero ads on YouTube, while still supporting all the content creators. Just log into your paid account on any device and browse YouTube without any ads.
  • Offline videos
    YouTube allows official download of video content in some countries. With YouTube Red, that option opens up for you! You can download videos on your devices for viewing on the move. The videos will remain offline for up to 30 days. (They haven’t told what happens after that period, but it is possible that the offline videos are deleted).
  • Background Play
    If you often play music on YouTube, you must have faced a situation that you have to open some other app and the music stops. Highly irritating though it might be, it was an unavoidable behavior for a ‘video’ app. With YouTube Red, you will be able to play music in the background, giving you the option to actually use YouTube as a music service that plays in the background.


Does YouTube Red subscription also give you a Google Play Music Subscription?

Yes! It does. It works vice-versa as well. If you already have a Google Play Music subscription, you will automatically be a YouTube Red subscriber.

This may sound like a bonus, but in fact, it is a thoughtful and smart move on Google’s part to create a consolidated music service. Having access to multiple options and a bigger collection under one subscription umbrella is certainly a more attractive offer.

Is there a standalone YouTube Red app?

No. The subscription applies to your account and you can use it on any device once you sign in.

What is the new YouTube Music app for?

The YouTube Music app (yet to be released) is meant to be a music discovery and play service. I’d expect it to support both YouTube playlists and Google Play Music playlists.

How does the subscription cancellation work?

Cancellation of subscription affects both the services and you will not be able to use either Google Play Music or YouTube Red as a paid user.


Google has offered a pretty compelling deal for a music service, especially for people who already use Google Play Music or even YouTube as a video player. Personally, I find it an attractive deal as YouTube is often a music player for me. Also, I am not too deeply invested in other services like Spotify right now which just adds to the appeal of this service.

The ability to support content creators and enjoying an ad-free experience while having the ability to create playlists of my own choice from the gazillion videos on YouTube tilts the balance in favor of this service, for me at least.