It’s always useful to keep track of who’s mentioning your website on Twitter. You can see where the buzz is and engage with your fans, building community and hopefully driving more traffic to your brand.

You can keep track of anytime someone links to your website with some free web tools – it’s just a matter of connecting them together.

How to track when someone links to you on Twitter

Twitter has a lot of advanced features under the hood. If you know where to look there’s a lot of great ways to find content.

Twitter accepts special search terms to narrow down content. You can search for tweets in a specific geographic area, tweets mentioning a topic, tweets to a person or tweets with a link.


The last bit is how you can track anytime someone links to your website. Open TweetDeck and create a new column. Search for:

“” filter:links -from:[email protected] -from:yourWriters

The “-from:name” can be repeated as many times as you’d like to filter out your own writers or employees. Obviously it’s not as big a deal if they’re tweeting out your content.

The domain and link bit cuts it down to only tweets that include a link to your website. Twitter stores all links secretly as links, but it still knows where they all link to and searches that. This search works across all link shorteners.

How to get notified when someone links to your site on Twitter

Maybe you don’t use TweetDeck, or maybe you’d rather have them notify you and not have to check a column yourself. To do that, we’re going to string together Warble and IFTTT.


You may want to set up a new email account to avoid having your email flooded with notifications.

Next, sign into Warble and create a new alert. Input the same search as above. Whenever the results for that search change, Warble will email you.

The next-level system involved IFTTT. You can connect your email account within the system and set it to do something else whenever you get a new email from Warble. Check out our review of IFTTT and 10 clever recipes for the service. IFTTT is

IFTTT is genius, because you can have it do whatever you want when you get an email from Warble: text message, Pushbullet, another email (not sure why you’d want that), an Android or iPhone notification or a tweet.

Think before you retweet

Fair warning: I have found that you need to be careful with who you interact with on Twitter. They may have tweeted your story but they may not be someone you want to associate with your brand.

Be sure to also check the links they tweet to be sure they work – I saw one guy tweeting a “story” from us that was just a 404.

Final Thoughts

It’s fascinating to see who tweets your stories and what they think of them. Hopefully, this helps you grow your site and interact with your users.