CES Unveiled is an event series put together by CES across the globe to introduce the press, and their audience, to a variety of innovative and new tech items in just about every industry. This year’s CES Unveiled in Las Vegas didn’t disappoint. Here’s our recap of the event and 5 of the coolest gadgets we saw during the event.

Here’s our recap of the event and five of the coolest gadgets we saw during the event.

A Look at CES Unveiled Recap

Honestly, last year I didn’t feel like many gadgets, apps, and services jumped out at me at CES Unveiled. Nothing seemed truly new or worthy of CES buzz word innovative. This year, I was pleasantly surprised to find some really awesome surprises at CES Unveiled.

The big focus at CES Unveiled this year was the smart home and the Internet of Things (IoT.) I was shocked to see just a couple of drone exhibits, a handful of truly wearable items, and some gadgets we saw last year such as TrackR, Misfit, and Lima.

The big focus was on the smart home, and I saw a variety of IoT applications such as a wine chiller, an electric closet, smart lighting, and a variety of VR devices that control every aspect of your home.

5 of My Coolest Finds at CES Unveiled



Lose your keys? Your wallet? Your pet? Wistiki offers a Bluetooth solution within 300 feet of what you lost so you can find it with an app. While there are many trackers on the market, this French-based company is utilizing existing technology with some of the best materials for a quick and reliable way to find just about anything that’s lost, so long as it’s connected to a Wistiki device.

What impressed me the most about Wistiki was how solid it felt in my hand. Most trackers are small and flimsy, Wistiki feels like it could take a beating. It was also impressive to see more practical applications, such as for pets and wallets other than just keys.

Learn more about Wistiki here.

Nex Band


The Nex Band is a hackable smart band. It’s not the prettiest looking wearable, but it has potential. Each module can be fully customized to perform a variety of tasks, such as playing music, turning on your lights, control devices, and more. It uses a system of color-coded lights and notifications to track what’s going on at a given moment.

Listening to the pitch was distracting because it was amazing to think of the possibilities this smart band has. I kept thinking, wow, this is the IFTTT of smart bands only to find out it actually connects to IFTTT. This is one smart band to keep an eye on.

Learn more about the Nex Band here.



ORWL was an interesting little device, similar to Raspberry Pi and Chrome sticks. It’s being billed as a new type of computer, utilizing encryption technology for sensitive data and being secured by a card reader. If you don’t have the card reader, you can’t access the device, and if someone breaks open the device, it can detect the action and automatically wipes the device to protect your data.

The device itself didn’t impress me at first, it felt bulky, heavy and awkward to the touch. However, the gentleman that pitched me the ORWL did a great job explaining its practical application when it came to data and protecting it. I can’t recall a similar device being able to do what ORWL can do at the moment.

Learn more about ORWL here.



I originally skipped CAST as its design didn’t really draw me in, but another nice gentleman asked if I’d like to know more and I obliged. I’m glad I did. CAST is a streaming device similar to Roku, Chromecast, and others, except it allows you to share what you’re streaming with others through an app. As long as the person using the CAST device has a subscription to Netflix for example, they can invite others to watch what they’re watching at the same time.

The concept of CAST is sound and is interesting. Time will tell if Netflix and other services will want CAST doing what it’s doing in an increasingly sharing world. This is another one to keep your eyes on.

Learn more about CAST here.



Speedify was the most interesting exhibit I stopped at during CES Unveiled. I spoke with Alex, the CEO, at length about how Speedify utilizes both your Wi-Fi connection and mobile data connection at the same time to give you the best possible speed when using the Internet. It prioritizes Wi-Fi connections and speed over mobile data, it adjusts to what’s available when necessary and is so quick if you lose one connection or the other, your device won’t even know.

We’ll be reviewing Speedify in further detail after CES, but in the meantime, you can sign up for 1 GB of free usage per month at their website. This app could be truly revolutionary and I encourage you all to give it a try, I’ll be testing it out for the rest of CES to see what it can do.

Learn more about Speedify here.

Final Thoughts

A lot of press scoff at CES Unveiled, because it’s usually a hit or miss event. I’m glad I went this year because I felt like things were much more exciting this year. While the smart home and IoT is at the center of tech development, along with VR, there were some real gems at CES Unveiled and the above are just a taste of what’s to come as the rest of CES 2016 rolls on.

While the smart home and IoT is at the center of tech development, along with VR, there were some real gems at CES Unveiled and the above are just a taste of what’s to come as the rest of CES 2016 rolls on.