Digital Experience is a press-only event thrown by Pepcom each year at CES. This year, we were lucky enough to get invited and attend. Like CES Unveiled, you find a variety of exhibitors you’ll see on the show floor but with more one-on-one time and smaller crowds.

It sure was an experience; I saw some pretty cool developments from big name companies and some gems among the lesser known.

I’ll show you five of my coolest finds at Digital Experience and why you should keep an eye on each one in the coming year.

5 of the Coolest Finds at Digital Experience

Masterlock Bluetooth Smart Padlocks


One of the most awesome aspects of CES so far is how companies that been around forever, like Masterlock, are embracing new technology. At Digital Experience, Masterlock displayed some of its Bluetooth padlock technology, showcasing how it works, how secure it is, and how you can share a single lock among trusted users.

My first question was: What happens when your phone dies? As many Bluetooth-related devices lock you out until you can login via an app or charge it.

With their line of Bluetooth padlocks, you have a directional passcode you can use to unlock and lock when your phone dies.

Learn more about Masterlock Bluetooth here.

Keurig Kold


I won’t lie. I love Keurig. Maybe a little too much. I stopped by to say as much and was given a presentation: Keurig Kold. If you’re familiar with SodaStream, you’ll understand the point of Kold. It maybes carbonated beverages in pod format. Keurig has partnered with Coca-Cola to provide your favorite sodas from that side of the sphere; they’re currently working with Dr. Pepper to include them, too.

In addition, Keurig’s private brand pods, you’ll also find seltzer, alcohol mix-ins, and more. While the device is a little bit too big for most of us, Keurig has shown to quickly develop smaller models once.

I tested a Coke on Kold, expecting it to maybe taste like the brand but be off somehow. I was surprised that the pod tasted so good and I don’t think I could tell them apart in a blind test.

Learn more about Keurig Kold here.



You’re seeing smart home application everywhere from the big names to the little guys at CES. Edyn is utilizing the smart home concept for gardens.

By utilizing solar panels and solid design, you can water your plants when you’re away from home or get help efficiently taking care of just about any type of flower or plant while home.

One of the most impressive aspects of Edyn is its catalog of flowers, plants, and more that it’ll help ensure they’re getting the proper care without being wasteful resources. It’s beautiful design, solar technology, and app is very impressive.

Learn more about Edyn here.



Keyssa technology is one of those things you have to see to believe. They’re focused on ultra-fast storage transfer utilizing third party hardware that integrates seamlessly into phones, laptops, and other devices. I watched a demo of moving an HD movie over 1 GB from a storage device to a laptop in less than about 15 seconds all by placing the phone down on a Keyssa sensor.

Talking with Keyssa, they are partnering with computer manufacturers to integrate the technology and change how we share content between people and devices. This is one of those CES finds that you should keep your eyes on; it could be revolutionary for data transfer.

Learn more about Keyssa here.



TripIt is one of those apps you discover and ask yourself: Why hasn’t anyone else done it before? By pulling data from your email, TripIt puts all your travel data in a beautiful layout in one place. The app offers a subscription service for more features, but if you travel a lot, the price tag is more than worth it.

We’ll be reviewing TripIt in the coming weeks, putting it to the test and seeing just how well it helps all types of travelers. For now, we’re excited to see how the data integration between emails and the app gets better and better.

Learn more about TripIt here.


Digital Experience was amazing. From the tech on display to talking to press and vendors a like, this truly was a great event to attend. We’ll be covering some of the above in more detail in the weeks to come but keep an eye on these five companies as they disrupt the tech industry in 2016 and beyond.