If you use Google Chrome, chances are good that you are a regular user of many of their online services. Since Google uses your Gmail id as a universal login for all the services, it’s really easy to switch from one service to other by opening a new tab and typing the name of that service.

Power users, however, would prefer a faster way to access various Google services via Google Chrome, that’s where the excellent Symtica extension for Chrome comes in.

It’s a nifty little Chrome extension that lets you quickly access any of the Google services you want ( for now it supports 22 services). The service supported include Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Picasa, Docs, Reader, Contacts, Tasks, Wave, Translate, GTalk, iGoogle, Maps, Blogger, Analytics, Sites, Notebook, Finance, Voice, Webmasters Tools, Code, Bookmarks.

Symtica Chrome Extension in action:

Once you install Symtica, you would see the Symtica Icon in the Chrome Extension Toolbar on top right corner. When you click on Symtica icon it shows the list of Google Services it supports.

Symtica Chrome - Shortcuts Dropdown

Each of the services shown has a submenu which shows the various options for each service. Let’s look at YouTube as an example.

Symtica Chrome - Shortcuts Options

When you click on the YouTube icon, the submenu pops up and shows various options for that service.

For YouTube, we get the options to go to YouTube Home, Your Profile, Subscriptions Page, History or YouTube Settings Page. As you can see you can save yourself a lot of clicks since Symtica provides all required options right there in the popup menu.

Symtica Settings and Customizations:

Although this is a simple extension, the developer has taken care to give you several customization options. You maybe a Google Power User or a Newbie, but that doesn’t mean that you use all the services in the menu. Hence Symtica provides you the option to select the services you need.

There are two ways to access Symtica options.

  1. Easier way is to click on the settings icon at the bottom of the pop-up, to the left of the Blue colored help question mark icon.
  2. The other way is to click on the Wrench Icon on top right corner and click on “Extensions”.
    You would be taken to the Extensions page, or you could just type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar to access the extensions page directly.

On Extensions page, next to extension details, you would see the Options button. Click on it to access Symtica options.

The options page is shown below, which shows you “My Apps” and “Settings” tabs.

Symtica Chrome - All Google Apps

On this page, you can uncheck the services you don’t want to see on the menu. One of the new features in the latest versions is that you can drag and change the order of the applications. So, you can manually move the most used services at the top and keep the less used services at the bottom in the menu.

It also allows you to select which options show up in the submenu for each service. If in Google docs, you just need to access “Word” you can just uncheck all other services.

Symtica Chrome - My Apps Options

The First tab shows the various Google Apps. The next tab “settings” lets you change the appearance of the menu. You can change the number of rows for the shortcuts, enable or disable https mode and choose to open the services in a new tab or pop-up window.

Symtica Chrome - Settings

You can customize the Google Service shortcuts according to your needs and now you have quick access to all your Google Services.


Symtica is a small but incredibly useful addon, especially for the Google Power Users. You are now just one click away from your favorite service, whenever you sign in to Gmail.

You can install Symtica Chrome Extension here.

So did you like this addon? Let us know in comments section below and we would write about more such useful Google Chrome extension as and when they are released.

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