Microsoft is aggressively pushing Windows 10 upgrades to anybody who hasn’t upgraded yet from a Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 computer. Whether you are waiting to upgrade or don’t want to upgrade at all, Microsoft has made it clear: It doesn’t care. This has led to some creative efforts to stop being reminded about the update or blocking it all together.

A handy utility has been created called GWX Control Panel which helps temporarily deal with the Get Windows App on your PC so you’re not constantly pestered about upgrading. Here’s how it works.

Using GWX Control Panel to Stop Window 10 Upgrade Prompts

GWX Control Panel is an application that once installed can shut off GWX and offer some powerful options such as clearing the Windows Update cache, changing key Windows Update settings, and more. It’s freeware and can be downloaded here.

Once downloaded, run its installer.

Installing GWX Control Panel

After running the installer, open GWX Control Panel.

GWX Control Panel EULA

You’ll be greeted by the GWX Control Panel End User License Agreement (EULA), which warns you that the software is presented as is. This means if it causes any issues with how Windows runs, that’s on you and not the provider.

Click “I accept the terms of this agreement” and “Continue” to get started.

You’re given a wealth of information about your PC and whether or not the Get Windows App is installed. You’ll also be able to see how Windows Update is running.

GWX Control Panel

If Windows 10 is pre-downloaded on your PC, but you haven’t upgraded yet, you’ll be able to click the Open $Windows.~BTFolder or Open $Windows.~WS Folder to see the contents more directly than the workarounds to get there.

You have many options to contemplate from here, including preventing Windows 10 upgrades altogether, clearing the Windows Update cache which can be great for troubleshooting issues, changing Windows Update settings, and more.

Make sure to click “Click to Prevent Windows 10 Upgrades” to turn on the most important feature in GWX Control Panel. This will hopefully prevent for the time being accidental upgrades to Windows 10 when automatic updates are enabled.


There’s no telling when Microsoft might patch the functionality of the GWX Control Panel as they’ve patched other methods to prevent upgrading to Windows 10. This has angered many Windows users who don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10, yet or at all. I recommend taking the time to check your system after a Windows Update is performed on your PC. You may find that Windows has released another quick fix or patch that makes it possible to accidentally upgrade to Windows 10 without your knowledge.