Most of us know how to setup a new phone. For some of us, it’s easy and we breeze through the steps to start tinkering with settings and customizing our launch screens. For others, they may get confused and frustrated by certain steps, especially when the device is locked to a carrier. With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S7, we thought it’d be a nice refresher to walkthrough setting up your phone for the first time.

Let’s look at how to setup the Samsung Galaxy S7 out of the box and get started with everything it has to offer.

Setting Up the Samsung Galaxy S7 Out of the Box

Note: Depending on your network, some steps might be out of order or be different. However, most of this tutorial will walk you through the TouchWiz steps to set up your S7.

Charging Your S7 Before Getting Started

Your Samsung Galaxy S7 should have between 40-50% of battery life pre-charged on it. If it doesn’t turn on, you’ll want to charge it for about an hour before getting started with the setup process.

Activating Your S7 On Your Carrier Network

Your carrier should’ve sent you a new SIM card for your S7 depending on which phone you are upgrading from. The SIM card will not be pre-installed if you bought the phone online and had it delivered. It’ll be in the box with the S7. Make sure to install the SIM card before you turn on the phone to ensure proper activation.

Each carrier requires a different method to activate the phone, so refer to the instructions that came in the box for proper activation. Once activated, you’ll be able to set up your S7 through TouchWiz.

Using the S7 Setup Wizard

After installing you SIM card and turning on the S7, the first step will be to choose what language you want to use. Choose a language and click “Next.”


The phone activation wizard will trigger and your carrier will then activate your phone over the network.

activating-samsung-galaxy-s7-on-your-carrier  activated-samsung-galaxy-s7

This can take up to five minutes. Once activated, the setup wizard will let you continue with the process.


Now, you’ll be asked to setup your email. You can either add your email accounts now or later. I recommend not setting up your Gmail accounts now and wait until Android prompts you to do that later in the setup.


Then, you’ll be asked to sign in to your Wi-Fi network, if available. You can skip this step and do it later, too.


Up next will be signing into your Google account. This’ll link your Gmail, Drive, and other Google apps pre-loaded on the phone and any you install in the future.


You’ll be asked to decide if you want to back up the device to Google, too.


From there, you’ll be able to set up security options, including using your fingerprint, a PIN or password, or skipping it for now.


If you have a backup of a previous phone in your Google account, you can download anything backed up directly to your phone if you choose to.


The setup wizard will then give you a recap of what you’ve set up and skipped.


TouchWiz will then ask you to sign in to your Samsung account if you have on and/or use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer data between devices.


Google will then ask if you want to allow them to scan your device for issues.


After that part of the setup wizard, you’ll be greeted by the TouchWiz home screen and your Samsung Galaxy S7 is ready to be customized.

From here, I recommend going through every area of the settings to customize how your phone works best for you. I’d also recommend checking out the themes are introduced in TouchWiz, along with seeing what apps and games work on the S7 that don’t on other phones you might enjoy using or playing.

Set it all up or Skip Some?

Setting up your Samsung Galaxy S7 out of the box is easy to do, it just takes a few minutes of your time. Most of the steps can be skipped if you want to work on them later, but the setup wizard can make your life easier in the beginning by setting up key features of your S7. The setup wizard is there to help you, take advantage of it.