Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch (SSS) is an easy way to transfer data when moving to a new phone, including the Galaxy S7. You can transfer contacts, call logs, text messages, photos, and more.

Introduced with the Galaxy S6, Smart Switch works with iOS, Blackberry, and Android phones so long as you have a USB to micro USB adapter. An adapter comes with the Samsung Galaxy S7, making it easy to transfer data from your old phone to the S7.

I’ll show you how to use Smart Switch and transfer data between two phones with this amazingly simple to use app from Samsung.

Using Samsung Smart Switch

Note: Before you begin, download the Samsung Smart Switch on the device you’ll be transferring one. There’s an iOS, Android, and Blackberry version, so you’ll be ready to use it when the time comes.

The Samsung Smart Switch app is pre-installed on the Galaxy S7.

In order to open it, open the S7 settings and go to “Backup and reset.” Click on “Open Smart Switch.”

Backup and reset Galaxy S7

Once open, click “Start.”

Samsung Galaxy S7 Smart Switch

You’ll need to agree to the End User License Agreement for Smart Switch. Click “Agree” one you read through it.

Smart Switch End User License Agreement

Now, choose the device that matches where you’ll be transferring data from.

Smart Switch choose OS


Note: Use the cable that came with your Samsung Galaxy S7 for the fastest transfer speed possible.

Before you click Start, plug in the USB adapter into the S7, plug in a USB cable, and plug it into your old device. Then, click “Start.”

Connect devices instruction Samsung Smart Switch

You’ll be given a few support details and a infographic if your connection isn’t detected yet.

Send or received data via Samsung Smart Switch

Once detected, you’ll be asked which device is which. Since you opened the app on the S7, click “Receive.”

You’ll want to make sure you’ve opened the Smart Switch app on the device you’ll be transferring data from.

Trying to connect two devices via Smart Switch

It’ll take a few seconds for each device to sync to one another.

Confirming connection to Galaxy S7

Once connected, you’ll be alerted to the fact so you can continue transferring data between them both. Click “Receive” to accept the connection on your S7.

Content to send via Smart Switch

You’ll now see everything you can receive on your S7. You’ll click each box you want to transfer and then click “Send.”

Your old device will confirm what you want to transfer, then prepare it for transfer. Once prepared, the transfer process will begin. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to upwards of 30 depending on how much data is going between the two devices.

You will need to ensure both phones have at least 30% of more battery life to start the process and they will need to stay connected the entire time.

Once complete, you’ll find everything you transferred where you’d normally find it on your S7, such as text messages, photos and more.


The Samsung Smart Switch app makes it transfer data between a device and your new Samsung Galaxy S7.

The most incredible aspect of this app is that you can use it or a variety of phones and situations, allowing you to quickly transfer data between the two instead of relying on backups and the cloud. This is a powerful app that works wonders for upgrading to a new device or getting a new phone.