“Talent” and “genius” are odd things. A lot of people who are great with words or code swear that they simply aren’t designers. On the other hand, some great visual artists, digital and otherwise, can actually write decent poetry.

In the age where a new class of “geniuses” are coming to fore—great minds in marketing, social media, virality, are on the rise, there’s a need to come up with stunning images, quick, and there’s no time to spare fiddling with the knobs and buttons of yesterday’s graphics software.

And along came Canva to save the day.

Canva launched its Beta on August 26, 2013. It started out as a tool to help schools build their own yearbooks, called Fusion Books.” When founders Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht realized that their tool could be used in a wider range of applications, they partnered with Cameron Adams. Fusion Books then turned into Canva. To date, Canva now has 8.4 Million users, with a team spread across the world.

What Makes Canva Stand Out?

Canva is an easy-to-use tool made for an efficient creation of beautiful images. Thanks to Canva, those who have marketing minds and an eye for beauty, but next to zero technical skills to put that to good use, can create great Instagram-worthy images in a snap.

Canva literally lets an image creator, a social media maven, or a marketing whiz, put together great images by snapping together bits and pieces using their drag-and-drop tool.


Canva has lots of templates to start with. You can either pull one off their catalog of pre-made images or take ideas off of those. Change the filters. Add your own elements. Swap out the background image. Everything is a snap, almost literally, with Canva.

Not Just For Instagram

In fact, Canva is so versatile, you can create even eBooks, magazines, newsletters, flyers, cards, presentations, decorated documents with it. Create your whole advertising brief with it. Build your whole client presentation with it. Canva will be your new “heavy artillery” for all your creative to marketing needs.


Skip The Book Designer

Writing a novel for self-publishing? Keep your Graphics Design budget and just plow it back to more copies of your novel. You can design a stunning book cover using Canva.

School Paper? Department Paper? Class Paper?

Don’t worry about the cost of the license of one of those heavy graphics tools of the past. Write your content on a word processor, and paste and layout onto Canva. Your teachers and advisers will be all praises for the slick design.

Like the original tool that evolved into Canva, you can also use this to design cost-effective yearbooks. Though the original tool still exists, Canva is so versatile, it can handle any and every school publication your teachers require.

Shelf The Scary Tools

Anyone who’s attempted to use one of those Open Source desktop publishing and layout tools will agree that they’re practically “scary.” With a blank slate and hours of googling ahead of you, you might abandon your project altogether. So why not just chuck that and try Canva? No need for all those crazy grid lines. Your beautiful publication will be up in a breeze.


  • If you’re intimidated with learning a new software, then, by all means, use the beginner’s tutorial. There’s no shame in going through the 101, and you’ll have better confidence at building your own projects when you do.
  • Practice makes perfect. If you want to grow more confident at using Canva, try the tools and projects on your personal social media accounts. Not only will your posts get more interesting, you’ll get better at using the software, too.
  • Don’t be afraid to share. Constructive criticism is one of the avenues of growth for anybody. Share your output with your artistic friends, though ask them to “break it to you gently.”
  • Make use of Canva’s Design School Tutorials. Canva created their own graphics design tutorial center. The thumbnails and cover photos on each section alone will inspire your creative side.
  • Want more? Subscribe to their newsletter. This delivers their graphics design tips and tricks right into your inbox.

Still not convinced? Watch the Screencast of how Canva works HERE.

Canva is, perhaps, the best way to learn how to create stunning graphics and amazing images. Instead of making life more complicated, they created a true solution to the need for a streamlined graphics design process. It’s such a simple, easy, fluid tool to learn, it beats the time you mastered Paint as a 5-year-old.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!