(1) starter imageShareMyPlaylists.com was created specifically for Spotify users to rely on one service to share playlists with family, friends and more. ShareMyPlaylists.com offers users a chance to register a new account then link their Facebook, Twitter and Last.fm accounts to it.

From there, you can easily share playlists you created on Spotify or on the site itself with your friends and followers on both sites. You can even share the link to people not using those particular sites so they can see what you are listening to. We have previously written about how to create playlists in Spotify.

How to Use ShareMyPlaylists.com

In order to get started with ShareMyPlaylists.com, you need to either sync your Facebook or Twitter accounts with the site or create your own profile.

(2) create account

You can link to Twitter by clicking the “Login” button next to its logo on the top of the screen. Simply follow the instructions to link the accounts and begin using ShareMyPlaylist.com.

(4) twitter

If you want to link your Facebook account, you want to click the “Login” button next to its logo. It will ask you if you are sure you want to allow ShareMyPlaylist.com access to your Facebook profile. Enter in your details and link the two up to continue.

(3) facebook

If you do not want to connect your social networking profiles to ShareMyPlaylist.com, you do not have to. To create your own profile on the site, click “Register” to begin the process.

You will need your e-mail address, a username, a display name and password to get started. You will be asked to do a simple math problem to prove you are not a spam bot. Click “Register” to continue.

(5) register new account

A message will show up on the screen to show your account has been created. You do not need to go through a verification process. You now have full access to ShareMyPlaylist.com.

(6) account created

Click on the big “Submit Your Playlist!” link to get started.

(7) submit playlist

You will have three sections to fill out to begin sharing your playlist. The first includes choosing a “Playlist Image.” You can choose “Generate Artwork” to take album artwork from the various artists in your playlist. You can also upload your own for the playlist.

(8) submit playlist details

You also need to enter the Spotify URL of the playlist you are uploading. This can be found by right-clicking on the playlist in Spotify. You want to title your playlist as well.

Next, you want to enter a description of your playlist to give people an idea of what it is all about.

(9) submit playlist description

Finally, you want to choose the genre of the playlist. This can be more difficult if your playlist is eclectic. So, choose the best one possible for the majority of your playlist. Hit “Submit Playlist!” to submit it to ShareMyPlaylist.com.

(10) submit playlist genre

It will take a few minutes for it to upload and be available to share with everyone else.

(11) thanks for submitting

If you click on the “My Account” link at the top of the screen and click “Playlists.” This will bring up all the playlists you have uploaded to ShareMyPlaylist.com.

(12) playlists uploaded

Clicking on the playlist title will bring you to it on the site. You can click “Update” or “Edit” to change details or upload an updated playlist. You can even delete it by clicking that button.

(13) playlist

From here, you can click on any of the social networking links to begin sharing it where you connect the most. You can share it on Twitter, Google and Facebook. You could also just e-mail a link to the playlist the old-fashioned way. You can link your ShareMyPlaylist.com to your Twitter and Facebook accounts to share instantly instead of having to login each time as well.

ShareMyPlaylist.com makes it easy to share Spotify playlists with family, friends, coworkers and more. This walkthrough gives you an idea of how it works and how simple it is.

Some of the pros of using ShareMyPlaylist.com include:

  • Easy uploading of Spotify playlists that takes place almost instantly.
  • Playlist generator can introduce you to new artists or get nostalgic about old ones
  • Can use ShareMyPlaylist.com on mobile devices
  • Awards badges for user playlists that hit it big with other users

Some of the cons of using ShareMyPlaylist.com include:

  • Several errors during the registration and playlist process
  • Can only share on Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm and Google +1’s so far
  • Only works for Spotify so far
  • Limited user database as the site continues to grow

While ShareMyPlaylists.com is relatively new, it can offer an easy what to share your Spotify playlist with others.

Is ShareMyPlaylists.com an easy way to share your music?

ShareMyPlaylists.com seems like an easy way to share playlists from Spotify with others whether it is through social networking sites or not. While I encountered a few errors during both the registration process and editing my playlist, the errors seemed minimal. I liked that uploading the playlist was as simple as possible and it took no time before I could begin sharing my playlist with others. I am not normally the type of person who creates playlists then shares them with others through a web site like this.

I am looking forward to see how ShareMyPlaylists.com evolves and branches out not just with Spotify but hopefully other music platforms as well. ShareMyPlaylists.com is an easy way to share playlists from Spotify with others, check it out today and see how easy it to begin sharing. Also, share your playlists on ShareMyPlaylists.com with us here at TechNorms.

Create a profile on ShareMyPlaylists.com today and share your Spotify playlists today.