Rosewill Air Fryer

When it comes to the smart home, it’s about more than just spending tens of thousands of dollars to be smart. The average consumer can’t afford to make their home smart. Not yet. So, it’s all about finding appliances and accessories to make life easier without shelling out a retirement fund to do it. Frying food might seem to like a truly American way to cook food, but it’s slowly becoming hard to do at home.

That’s where an Air Fryer comes in handy. If you want to deep fry at home but don’t have the space or the resources, the Rosewill Air Fryer might just be the smart solution you need. Let’s look at how an air fryer works and why you should turn to Rosewill for one.

Rosewill Air Fryer Review

Rosewell Air Fryer

The Rosewill Air Fryer RHAF-15004 was introduced to me at CES 2016, along with a handful of other Rosewill products. I was surprised by how small the unit was in comparison to what I had in my head. The unit measures 16x14x14, which can be easily stored in a pantry or kitchen when not in use. Out of the box, the unit is easy to use as it’s ready to go once you remove the packaging.

This Air Fryer has a 3.3-quart cooking capacity, cooks up to 30 minutes, and can be set at temperatures between 170 to 400 F. It uses what’s called hot air circulation, which heats food evenly once inside the removable tray container.

It’s important to read the instructions that come with this air fryer, as you’ll see how much of particular food items you can fill it with to cook safely.

Front dial

As you can see, the unit itself is self-explanatory – for the most part. While there’s the basic frying instructions at the top, the handy manual comes with a variety of other options.

It’s important to understand that frying is different than baking or barbecuing. You have to get used to air frying to ensure you’re cooking meat, seafood, and other products properly.

Temperature dial

When you’re ready to use, you can take the basket out and place your items in it. Once you put the basket back in, you can set the temperature easily at top, then set the timer.

You should set the timer for a minute longer than you want to cook to get the air fryer to heat up to optimal temperature for the time frame you’re setting.


When in use, the unit itself doesn’t get as hot as I thought. However, you want to ensure it’s not boxed in and has plenty of room to breathe when in use.

Only touch the unit’s basket handle when in use and when finished to avoid burns or harm. I recommend using a pot holder or towel to set the basket on when taking it out of the unit not to sear your countertops until the basket is cool.


To test, I used a variety of items, including chicken, fish sticks, french fries, and good old-fashioned mozzarella sticks. I messed up the French fries and the mozzarella sticks to the first time, opting to go with the deep fry instructions on the bag to see what happened versus what Rosewill told me to do in its own instructions. When I followed the latter, I was treated to crispy, delicious fries and sticks.

During cooking, the timer ticks down just like the old school egg timers some still use in their kitchens. It beeps when it’s done, which is handy to remind yourself if you step away for a bit.

Uncooked chicken

When I cooked chicken, I was a little more hesitant since it’s much easier to get sick from undercooked chicken. I followed the Rosewill instruction manual time frame and temperature for chicken breasts, seasoned them up and threw them in.

Chicken finished

They came out perfect, although my breading didn’t quite work the way it would in a deep fryer. I have to perfect that better as I begin using the air fryer more down the line. However, the chicken itself was some of the best I’ve ever made at home. It was perfectly cooked, juicy and delicious.

Overall, the Rosewill air fryer made some good food with less cleanup and quicker than doing so on the stove or in the oven. For the price of the unit and the size, if you’re looking for a way to fry food in a small space, consider this air fryer.


If you can’t afford a smart home yet, you can afford to slowly make your life easier in and out of the kitchen. If you’re looking for a way to deep fry without the space and calories, consider the Rosewill Air Fryer. It takes a bit to get used to using it, but once you do, you’ll see how easy it is to air fry just about anything for lunch, dinner, or a snack in between.

Learn more about the Rosewill Air Fryer RHAF-15004 here.

Disclaimer: The above company sent us the product for testing. However, that has not swayed my opinion of their product one way or another. All conclusions are based on weeks of careful testing.