The selfie phenomenon is very real and here to stay. A great majority of social media-addicted teens and even adults are snapping #selfies by the millions, daily. While those who aren’t into the phenomenon hang back and hesitate to get into the fray, preferring to snap nature scenes, pet photos and food instead, the selfie addicts still outnumber the rest of the fray by the millions. So, because it’s so popular, we might as well hand you the tools to make your selfies more stunning, more dramatic, more Instagram-worthy.

We already gave you the guidelines of what makes a great selfie; we’d like to add another standard to what we’re looking for in a great selfie app: The GUI should look slick, elegant, professionally-done, and clean. These standards clue you into whether the app would be any good. It could also be an indicator of the stability of the app: If the developers took the time to make it look good, they most likely took the time to rid the app of bugs, as well.

So we scoured Google Play for the best Selfie-making apps out there. We’re also listing the Android equivalents of the selfie apps we listed for iOS.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

The Universal, Multi-Purpose Apps:

Retrica by Venticake Inc.


Retrica was, and is, a very popular choice, with Retrica-labeled photos popping up on Instagram. The app’s strength lies in its elegance, as well as the unique filters it has.

Aside from its capacity to take great selfies, Retrica is also good for adding effects to other types of photography. Want to snap a dramatic photo for a food post? Go ahead and use Retrica.

LINE Camera by LINE Corporation


A friend highly recommended LINE Camera when I told him I was writing about selfie camera apps. I was super-excited to download it for the iOS. However, I discovered that it won’t even fire up or start. So I didn’t list it for iOS.

I was happy to find out that it worked perfectly well for the Android, though, and so, I also highly recommend this. The great part about LINE Camera is that not only is it packed with good to great filters, it also lets you add stickers, make collages, and even retouch your photos.

It’s both a “beauty camera,” those apps that let you edit out your imperfections from your selfies, as well as a photo editor and a photo layout app similar to Fotoable Inc.’s apps. If you want to purchase templates to make your selfie posts even more unique, you can. If you want to go crazy and add stickers, you can, too. It’s a one-stop shop for photos.

If you still want to give the iOS version a shot, though, here it is LINE Camera on iOS.

Selfie Apps With Innovative Features:

Selfie Camera with Candy Frame (Star Camera) by


One of the problems with taking selfies is that most phones’ front cameras don’t come with a flash. The iPhone 6S came out with the feature that lets the selfie-taker use the device’s screen as a flash, but you can have it on Android, too, especially if you use this app.

What’s great about it is that it also comes with other, robust, features for taking selfies?

You can blur and darken your background, brighten the photo, and use a whole slew of filters. If you have to have a dedicated selfie app on your mobile device, this is one of those apps that you should download.

Selfie Camera by Freedom Labs


While Selfie Camera by Freedom Labs uses another method to simulate a front camera flash (it surrounds your photo’s preview with a white space), it’s still worth a download. It’s simple to use and comes with great filters.

There are filters to make the photo “Lomo-ish,” or make it look like a film negative. It’s kind of cool, and if you want to vary your selfies, it’s worth keeping on your “Selfie Apps” folder.

SelfieCity by Meitu, Inc.


The cool part about this app is that it contains truckloads of filters. But the even cooler thing is that they’re grouped and named after famous cities around the world! Want to take a filter from Budapest? New York? Paris? Formosa? Most of the most interesting cities on the planet are there.

While the branding does nothing much but just keeps the app cute, the filters are superb. More than that, you could also add lens blurs/vignette effects, as well as darken the background of the photos. It’s a nifty little app and perfect for those who have to post at least 10 selfies a day.

They Didn’t Reinvent The Wheel But They Do Have Great Filters:

These apps are like the section heading says: They didn’t reinvent the wheel, but they do have great filters. Also, these three have a slick GUI design that makes them A-OK in my book:


Lastly, the Selfie Camera by AppsForIG may not have an elegant GUI, but the filters still make it worth a download. Just a bit of a heads up, though, there are rather loud sound effects that could be disturbing when you’re hooked to your phone via a headset or earphones.

There’s no setting to turn the sounds off, too. But I added this here simply because it’s cute and the filters are nice. And again, if you’re the type who just needs to post a gazillion selfies a day, this app is worth having in your arsenal, because filters, yes.

An Instagram Essential:


Most selfies are posted on Instagram, so it only makes sense to have an app that makes your selfies Instagram-worthy. Square InstaPic by Studio 8 Apps is a must-have for any Instagram addict. If you have a photo, especially a selfie, that isn’t on a 1:1 aspect ratio, you can just add a background to it. Square InstaPic has a great selection of backgrounds that make for cool and cute photo posts.

But its major draw is that there’s an effect that makes your photos look cooler: The Background Blur. Just slide towards the left, and the Background Blur tool will show up (it’s at the right side of the tool drawer).

With one touch, you can add a blurred-out background that will make your post look pretty cool. It also has other features such as stickers and layouts. It’s definitely an essential download.



Now that we’re done with our picks of the unique selfie apps worth downloading on the Android, we’re giving you the Android equivalents of the apps we gathered for the iOS.

Top Recommendations From Our iOS List

These apps are luckily present in both the iOS and Android platforms, but we give them special mention here, simply because they’re very versatile, or they have very cool features.


The Android Equivalents Of Apps From Our iOS List

Here are the rest of the picks for the iOS. They’re still great apps, mind you, but there’s not much difference from the iOS and the Android versions. Please check back on our iOS Selfie Apps article for the descriptions.


Great as they are, sadly, these apps have no Android versions. It would have rocked to have CamMe, especially, on the Android, as it makes for hands-free, selfie-stick-free selfie-snapping.

Hopefully, in the near future, PointGrab will develop an Android version for their app or another developer could create an app with similar functions for the Android.


The Wrap

Your quest for the perfect selfie is now nearly complete. Armed with these specialized selfie apps, you can take sophisticated selfie pics, or even quirky, funny ones, complete with stickers. Creativity has been made limitless with these selfie-enhancing apps.

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