A great majority of social media followers love to take selfies. But not everyone can take a good one! There are some who still hesitate to get into the fray, and prefer to take nature scenes, pet photos, and food instead. But what if you have the correct selfie apps for Android for taking the perfect picture?

Let’s use the best tools to make selfies more stunning, more dramatic, and more Instagram-worthy.  If you are an iPhone user, we got you covered with our list of best selfie apps for iPhone.

11 Best Selfie Apps For Android To Take The Perfect Picture

What makes a selfie app great? One of the main benchmarks is that the GUI should look slick, elegant, professionally done, and clean. The list below consists of the best selfie-making apps for Android smartphone. These are quick to download and do not consume much space. 

So, the next time you are picture-ready, simply open the Android selfie app and go clicking.

1) Retrica by Venticake Inc.

retrica best selfie apps for android

Retrica was, and is, a very popular choice when it comes to the best selfie apps for Android. The strength of the selfie photo app is its elegance, as well as the unique filters it has. Aside from its capacity to take great selfies, Retrica is also good for adding effects to other types of photography. Want to snap a dramatic image for a food post? Go ahead and use Retrica.

You get the option to choose from more than 190 filters. You can use the selfie editor to edit videos and video selfies. 

Download Retrica

2) LINE Camera by LINE Corporation

line camera selfie apps for android

A unique feature of the Line Camera app, apart from offering tons of interesting filters, is that it lets you add stickers, make a photo collage, and even retouch your photos. It works well as a beauty camera app too.

Line Camera is one of the most used selfie camera apps when it comes to young teens and social media users. It also doubles as an excellent photo editor and photo layout app. You can even go ahead and add crazy stickers with the face filter app. It is a one-stop shop for working with all kinds of photos and one of the top-rated photo editing apps.

Download Line Camera

3) Selfie Camera

selfie camera

Well, who doesn’t like to take the perfect selfie, and what better than having a dedicated Android app for it. While the Selfie Camera app by Freedom Labs uses another method to simulate a front camera flash (it surrounds your photo’s preview with white space), it’s still worth a download. It’s simple to use, comes with perfect filters, and is one of the best apps with top-notch photo editing tools.

There are filters to make the photo “Lomo-ish,” or make it look like a film negative. Selfie Camera is one of the must-have selfie apps for Android precisely because it is designed solely for taking selfies. The app captures and processes pictures really well and will raise your selfie game for sure. Download the favorite Android phone app that all selfie lovers vouch for and flaunt your best images on social media.

Download Selfie Camera

4) YouCam Perfect

youcam perfect selfie apps for android

YouCam Perfect should be your first choice if you are a selfie lover and not very good with taking your own pictures. One of the best selfie apps for Android, YouCam Perfect, is extremely popular and boasts an exceptional rating on the Google Play Store.

You can add the photo effect, Snapchat face filters, change the background color, and make a collage. Beautify your face, remove acne, and reshape your body to capture beautiful selfies. With the perfect selfie app, you can edit any picture and remove redundant components you don’t want to be a part of your selfie. 

Download YouCam Perfect

5) FaceTune2


FaceTune 2 does the best retouch on your pictures and is a must-have on your Android device if you are a frequent selfie taker. The light-weight app takes astounding selfies and on most occasions, the pictures clicked via FaceTune2 will not require any editing at all. The personal glam app is highly intuitive and one of the top-notch selfie apps for Android. As the name suggests, FaceTune2 emphasizes more on your facial elements and includes tons of exciting editing features that are fun to explore. 

It gives an aesthetic feel to the image making it look no less than a picture clicked from a DSLR camera. The award-winning selfie editing app is easy to use, gives impeccable results, and is a must-try.

Download FaceTune2

6) B612


B612 is immensely popular and one of the most used selfie apps for Android. It is a great app as it requires the least amount of effort on your part and gives you the perfect picture in only a couple of clicks. B612 boasts more than 300 billion users worldwide and the figures are ever-increasing. 

You can use the app to record short selfie videos and boomerangs and share them on your social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The photo editing app interface resembles Instagram and allows you to indulge in video editing.

Download B612

7) Cymera


Cymera is an awesome selfie app with some rare features and has managed to garner the attention of millions of photo-loving people across the globe. It is one of the most favorite selfie apps on the app store and reflects an indie attitude. You get to choose from more than 130 funky filters. Apart from fixing facing features and color tones, versatility and convenience of usage make Cymera one of the most-used selfie apps for Android. 

You can try some of the most popular camera lenses like Lomo and Fisheye. Not every selfie app gives you the option to select different types of camera lenses and Cymera makes available 7 of them. 

Download Cymera

8) Perfect365


The name of the dedicated selfie app gives away what it does. Perfect365 makes all your selfies and pictures look flawless covering every aspect and angle. The app takes stunning portrait pictures and is ideal for anyone looking for hassle-free and easy selfie apps for Android.

You can check out the makeup tips and get your hands on some very cool templates and selfie filters. Every filter comes with an intensity slider. So, instead of going all in, you can fix the percentage at which you’d like to apply the filter – ranging from subtle to high. The face-detection feature, while you are trying to remove acne or other marks, is quite accurate.

Download Perfect365

9) Camera360

stylish looks

Camera360 is one of the best selfie apps for Android that enables users to experiment with augmented reality. You can apply animated frames, pick interesting themes, and use quality filters to get stylish looks. As an Android user, the variety of face stickers available with Camera360 will leave you spoilt for choice.

The app consists of traditional imaging and editing tool as well and lets you explore both old and new techniques. Finely crop out the unwanted background, hide blemishes, increase or reduce the sharpness, and paint artistic effects. Camera360 allows you to edit videos as well. Choose from the hundreds of photo filters available and see the magic of applying special light effects. 

Download Camera360

10) Candy Camera

candy camera

If you are looking for the most highly rated selfie apps for Android, check out Candy Camera. It adjusts the hues, temperature, and brightness on its own as soon as you open the camera to click a selfie. Get your hands on stunning real-time effects and get amazing results in a couple of seconds. 

We loved the silent camera feature that enables you to click pictures without making a sound and notifying others in your surroundings. Candy Camera is used for making video calls and videos as well. The calls include fun real-time filters making all your long-distance conversations exciting. The powerful and lightweight app comes in handy for beauty editing and helps you in taking the perfect selfie on the first attempt.

Download Candy Camera

11) Bestie


Our list of the best selfie apps for Android would be incomplete without having Bestie. It has received an award in 2015 for being among the top 10 apps in the Google Play Store. The selfie beautifier does magic to all your selfies and you can transform a bad picture into good in two clicks. The night camera works flawlessly well and the collection of filters is awesome too.

Every time you wish to switch from the front to rear camera or vice versa, you can either simply shake your smartphone or alternatively touch it anywhere on the screen. Bestie includes some presets that can be modified and applied to your selfies. The app comes with advanced airbrushing features. Get your hands on 16 different styles of lady effects and 8 photography lighting effects to ace your selfie game.

Download Bestie

Final Thoughts On Best Selfie Apps For Android

Social media has made it mandatory to look a certain way. This is the prime reason why selfie apps for Android are gaining popularity. As much as we would want to propagate loving yourself the way you are and embracing your flaws, a few perfect selfies for your Instagram is not a bad idea. If you think your phone’s camera is not doing a good job in clicking pictures, these apps might come to your rescue.

Quick to install, easy to use, and lightweight, the selfie editing apps churn magic and boast tons of exciting features. From blurring the background to changing day into night, you can do it all in one click. Remove redundant items from your picture, add funky eyelashes, try filters, put on the animated stickers and have fun. 

(Article Updated On 23rd March 2021)