Game Tools on Android M

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Android Marshmallow have introduced a variety of new features, including the Game Launcher and Game Tools. Both are meant to help make the gaming experience on Android even better with features, such as game screenshots, game recording, and disabling features to keep you from exiting your game accidentally.

Let’s look at how the Game Launcher and Game Tools work with the Samsung Galaxy S7 so you can get the most out of gaming on your Android device.

Using the Samsung Galaxy S7 Game Launcher and Game Tools

Game Tools on The Galaxy S7

The Android Marshmallow Game Launcher is a handy icon that allows you access to all your games in one place. You can move this icon anywhere on your phone, add games to it if they don’t automatically add themselves, and access your games quickly.

Game Launcher Settings – Locked Buttons

When enabled the Game Tools allow you to take control of how you game on your phone.The biggest ways this impacts gaming is that it disables your recent and back keys when playing a game. Now, you’ll never accidentally exit out of a game and lose your progress.

Another handy feature is the option to minimize your game but keep it running in the background. This is incredibly helpful if you have a call come through, next to respond to a text, or have to jump into another app for a while. It creates a bubble on your screen that you can move anywhere, they pop open when you’re ready to play again.

Screenshot Notification

Another feature is screenshotting your games. Previously, you could screenshot games but you’d often either exit out of the game or capture the notification bar and everything with it. With game screenshots, you get a full-screen screenshot to share all your gaming glory.

Recording your game session is a new feature to Game Tools, too. While you could always use third party apps to do this, now you can do it with the built-in Android Marshmallow feature.

Record Gaming Session

You’re also able to tweak certain settings with Game Tools, including conserving battery life, customize how games run, and reduce rendered details.

If you want to conserve battery life and still game, you want to play around with the settings in Game Tools to find the right balance for your gaming needs.

Troubleshooting Game Launcher and Game Tools Issues

At least on the Verizon Wireless network, out of the box, the Game Launcher functionality may or may not work. Some have speculated this is due to the bloatware Verizon puts on its phones versus how other networks handle them. If you find that the Game Launcher icon itself doesn’t respond, chances are you’ll have to wait for a Verizon Wireless hotfix to make it work again. Keep that in mind if you’re using the Galaxy S7 on Verizon.

Final Thoughts

Android Marshmallow’s introduction of the Game Launcher and Game Tools on the Galaxy S7 and upgraded devices gives mobile gamers more options to game the way they want. If you’re looking for key features to make gaming easier, consider upgrading to an S7 or S7 Edge or upgrade to Marshmallow if your device is eligible.