AVG has released an all-in-one social networking, multimedia sharing and connector tool called MultiMi. This allows you to link just about every account you have online into one program to keep up to date on everything going on around you.

MultiMi also comes with the AVG LinkScanner which checks incoming links to make sure they are legitimate. AVG is most well-known for its anti-virus security suite which is why they have included LinkScanner with MultiMi.

This isn’t yet another social network. This is a truly unique offering that makes it easy to surf, connect, share and collaborate with everyone, anywhere.

How to use MultiMi

You want to download MultiMi from AVG’s web site. Once downloaded, you want to follow the standard installation process for the program. When you have finished installing it, you should open MultiMi.

MultiMi will greet you with a handful of the accounts it can add to make your life easier. Click “Next Step” to continue.

It will ask you to choose a username associated with the accounts you are about to set up. This helps organize everything under one umbrella. Choose your username, and then click “Done.”

(2) choose an account name

Now you will begin working with MultiMi. Tutorial arrows will pop up all over the screen giving you quick tips about certain features of the program. When you click somewhere on the screen, they will disappear and you can begin setting up accounts.

(3) quick guide

The menu on the left of your screen will serve as your guide to walking through adding your various accounts. The main screen will remain mostly blank until you begin adding accounts and content starts filtering through it.

(4) menu

First, we will add your e-mail account to MultiMi. Click the “Messages” link on the left hand menu.

You will be prompted to choose what e-mail provider you use. In this case, I have chosen Gmail.

(5) email

Now, you want to enter your e-mail address and password.

(5) email 1

Then, enter what other services you want to link to MultiMi. I have added several services, including Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Talk. You also want to choose when MultiMi will begin checking for message. You can choose a date in the past to get previous e-mails or you can start today.

(6) email 2

Once you have set-up your e-mail account, you want to click “Connect.” It will take a few seconds to sync with Gmail and your associated Google services.

Your Gmail account will now be synced under the “Messages” header in the left hand menu.

Click the “Home” link.

Now, click on the “Social” link. We will set up some social networking sites to MultiMi now. Let us add a Twitter account. Click on the “Twitter” logo.

(7) social networking

You want to read through what MultiMi can do once linked to your Twitter account, once you are okay with that, you want to add your Twitter login and password. Then, click “Authorize app.” Now, your Twitter account is synced to MultiMi.

(8) twitter

You can choose to add Facebook and LinkedIn as well to your “Social” tab by following the same process for each one. In order to do that, you must visit the “Settings” link in the top right hand of your screen.

(9) settings

From here, you look under the “Add more accounts” header at the bottom. You then choose which area of MultiMi you want to add to and follow the instructions for each type of addition you are making.

(10) add more accounts

There are a handful of other links in the sidebar: Events, Photos, Media, Documents and Connections.

(11) other tabs

Events syncs up the various Google Calendars you have added to MultiMi, along with those belonging to your social networks. This gives you an all-inclusive view of what is going on between your e-mail, calendars and networks in one place.

(12) events

Photos, Media and Documents take your libraries on your computer and add them to MultiMi. This gives you full access to your documents, photos, videos and more through the program. You can easily upload and share these to your various networks. When you first load MultiMi, it automatically imports your folders so you do not have to do it when tinkering around with other areas of the program.

The connections tab links you to others in your e-mail and social networks. It shows you your connection to them along with the interactions you have with them.

(13) connections

You can browse through status updates, e-mails and more when you click on a connection. It will even give you a breakdown of how you interact with a given person.

(14) connections 2

If you want to create a New Tab for something, such as a web site, you can do so by clicking “New Tab” on the left side. From there, you can add where you want to go. In this case, I have added Google. I can now surf Google from directly inside MultiMi.

(15) new tab

You can also link Facebook and Google Talk chat to MultiMi. Click on the “Connect to chat service” link in the bottom left-hand corner. Since we have already synced Google and Facebook accounts to this MultiMi profile, you will see a chat box in the left-hand corner of the screen. You can now chat with your friends through MultiMi.

If you want to write an e-mail or update your status, you want to click the “Share” button at the top of your screen.

(19) share

Click the “Compose message” link to write an e-mail.

(20) e-mail

If you want to update a status on Facebook or Twitter, click “Update status.” You can choose where it goes by clicking on the Twitter of Facebook boxes at the top. When you are done composing your status, click “Send.”

(21) update status

Clicking the “Upload” button will allow you to upload files, photos, videos and other multimedia to your linked accounts. Once you are done adding things to upload, click “Upload” to begin the process.

(22) upload

These are just some of the features MultiMi has to offer. Once you begin to dive into the program and see just what you can add, tinker and do with it, you will get the full effect of what it can offer.

Some of the pros of using MultiMi:

  • Integrates most of your presence online into one place
  • Allows you to add just about any e-mail provider
  • Easily updates statues to Facebook and Twitter

Some of the cons of using MultiMi:

  • Occasional connection errors trying to get in touch with Google and Facebook
  • The interface is overwhelming when first trying to learn how to use it
  • Only offers a handful of social networking sites to sync with at the moment

Is MultiMi a good way to manage your online life?

If you are looking for a way to connect your online presence in one place, this may be the software for you. While MultiMi is still in the beta stages, there are bound to be bugs and issues that pop up. It may not offer many options to sync social networking and sharing sites, as time goes on AVG may add more functionality to connect with more sites on the Internet.

MultiMi is a good tool to combine all your online identities into one program so you do not have to visit a handful of sites to keep up to date on what people are up to.

Consolidate your online presence with MultiMi.