Fujitsu LogoFor some time now, smartphones have become more and more so. Using ever updated hardware to give better usability and increased processing speeds, manufacturers were able to use the latest in mobile OS technology for their devices.

However, the difference between mobile OS and standard, computer OS has always been clear. And, in turn, this growing gap has given rise to an ever-increasing desire to manufacture a mobile device which could run a standard desktop OS.


First Ever Phone That can run Windows 7 OS:

Enter the upcoming Fujitsu F-07C mobile phone– is a dream fulfilled for some. Apart from being able to run the well known Symbian OS, the device will also be able to use Windows 7 with a simple switch, just like a normal desktop using two different OS.

Having all the options and applications comfortably in your hands might also appeal to regular users. Also, Fujitsu is boasting that their new phone will be able to run for up to two hours in Windows mode, which is almost unbelievable, since it already puts it beyond the reach of most laptops.Unfortunately, however, apart from these great advantages, the F-07C does have some drawbacks.

One of them is the use of the outdated Symbian OS, which has been taken out even by Nokia, who, for the longest time, has been its no. 1 fan. Apart from that, using any OS specially designed for a large, computer monitor on a small display, like the one in a mobile phone, might prove to be tedious and stressful.

One other downside is Fujitsu’s decision to under-clock the unit’s CPU. While they have chosen to go with the very capable Intel 1.2 GHz Atom Z600 chip, the company has decided to limit the speed to 600 MHz, which might clash with the needs of Windows 7.

On the other hand, if in the end Fujitsu decides to go for the full 1.2 GHz capacity, that might whiplash and hit their most outspoken selling point for the phone – the 2 hour battery time in Windows mode. This move, however, isn’t expected to make a real splash on the market because, let’s face it, Fujitsu isn’t quite a threatening player in the mobile industry.