ipad logoA recent study reveals Apple’s tablets’ huge potential: the Ipads are expected to dominate the tablet market until 2015. According to InformaTM, that’s when Android-based tablets will take over.

In April this year, another study released by Gartner, showed pretty much the same, but Apple’s dominance wasn’t perceived in such an optimistic way. The study reported that by 2015, iPad tablets will maintain 47% of the market, while Android-based tablets just a little bit lower, with just above 38%.


Why the iPad rules the Tablet Market

Apple’s iPads have redefined the mobilization of computing, taking technology to a whole other level, with high-resolution touch screens, gigabytes of storage, a multi-core processor, and appealing design. The iPads and the running iOS operating system have revealed the true value of such devices, with improvements in hardware and software and performances to suit the needs of both consumers and enterprises.

Still, as the study reveals, this won’t be enough for them to keep a leadership position in a highly competitive market. The Android-based tablets are not iPads only competitors, since PCs and smartphones also rival with these gadgets, even if they are in a different market segment. A tablet is somewhere between a smartphone and a PC and, for many users, the two devices provide everything they need for the everyday life.

For tablets to continue to sell well and remain among the customers’ favorite devices, they would need to add more features and improved performances for users to be able to displace the smartphone or the PC or even both.

The study InformaTM has recently carried out analyzed the iPad’s potential to remain competitive in the market by studying customer demand for tablets, quality/price ratio and the number of vendors who have developed tablets.

The results reportedly indicate that Apple currently owns 75% of the tablet market and it is expected to expand even more, from 20 million units sold in 2010 to a staggering 230 million by 2015. However, by that time Apple’s market share will drop to 38% since it is expected for Android to bring cheaper and more advanced tablets to fight back. It would apparently take Android-based tablets another year to outsell Apple’s iPads and to ensure their leadership position.

Still, in a rapidly evolving world, 2015 is actually further than it may appear and many things could change by that time.