DiskUsage App for Android - Know How Storage Space is Used on Your AndroidStorage space on Android mobile phones has always been a point of debate as the internal storage space on a lot of Android devices is pretty less. Though we can Save Precious Internal Phone Storage By Moving Apps To SD Card, it is easy to lose track of the stuff that we store on the SD card.

Add to this the images, videos and music that you keep on the SD card and even the external storage space may seem insufficient. You may wonder what is taking up so much space but exploring the folders one by one is a painstakingly slow and cumbersome process.

DiskUsage makes monitoring the storage space easy by showing how your disk storage is used in the form of a collapsible map. It is easy to navigate through folders and you can browse up to individual files and applications.

About DiskUsage App for Android:

As you run DiskUsage, it asks you for the storage area that you want to access. You can browse the App Storage space, the SD Storage as well as various mount points (Root required). Once you select the storage the app analyses your storage space and presents the information in a chart-like format as seen below.

DiskUsage - Storage Card Space and Drill-Down to File Level

The interface is easy to understand and use. The columns expand and collapse at your touch. The layout is like a horizontal tree-map; in which the columns on right offer more detailed view while the columns on left show the high-level view.

As you can see in the above image, the first screenshot shows the distribution of space on my storage card. A touch each on the DCIM and 100MEDIA folders shows me a sorted view of hundreds of images occupying over 1 GB of space. Just select any file you wish and view/delete it from the Menu.

Similarly you can browse to any folder on the SD storage and check what is occupying how much space. DiskUsage also offers a more colorful and better-looking interface by using Hardware Renderer option from the Menu.

DiskUsage - App Storage Space and Drill-Down to App Level

The above images show the map of the App storage space on my device  and the drill-down to the Google+ App. Similarly, you can drill down to any app and see the space occupied by it. Selecting an App and pressing Show from the Menu options takes you to the Application Info to uninstall the application, clear data or move the app to SD card.

The Apps filter gives the option to select which apps and storage are shown by the application. Besides the app and SD card storage space, you can also access the mount points on your SD card. This feature requires Root access.

Features of DiskUsage:

  • Easily analyze the used space on your device’s App storage and SD storage.
  • Integrates with OI File Manager and Astro File Manager.
  • View Application Info right from the app.

Download DiskUsage from Android Market:

Start a barcode (QR code) scanner on your phone and scan the QR code below. This will take you directly to the Android market to download the app. If you do not have a QR Code scanner app, choose one from The Best QR Code Scanner Apps for Android.

Download DiskUsage for Android

Download DiskUsage App for Android.

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