imageThe opinion about Bing being as good or even a better search engine than Google varies on every turn on the Internet. But one thing “almost” everyone seems to agree on, is that the homepage images are a better idea than a complete minimalist look like Google. Again, this is a personal choice, but one can say the images that displays are pretty cool and could work great as Desktop Wallpapers.

Bing4Free is just the App for that. It’s a small program (450 Kb) that automatically downloads the Images for you and applies them as a wallpaper. You do not need to save the images manually and it can download some of old Bing images that you may have missed.  It can also be configured to change and rotate the wallpapers after a certain time period.

Bing4Free Installation and Usage:

Once you download and install Bing4Free, the first time you run it,  it would tell you there are no wallpapers to display and ask you to download the latest Bing WallPapers.

Bing Wallpaper downloader Start Message

Once the wallpapers are downloaded, which takes about 3-4 minutes on a broadband connection, you can start setting it up. It has a very simple interface and lets us select the option for changing and rotating the wallpapers easily.

Bing4Free In Action

Bing4Free Features:

  • Supports download of previously published Images from
  • Can automatically load during windows start-up.
  • Can change the wallpapers automatically.
  • Supports automatic search and download new wallpapers.

The automatic startup options starts the program when Windows starts and the wallpapers change according to the selected settings. You can just right-click on any image shown and it lets you set that image as a wallpaper.

Under advanced settings, you have the option to select a Proxy server, if you use one. Since the images are quite small, the best background style is either Centered or Tiled.

Download Bing4Free.

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