Text messaging or “Text” as its commonly referred to, is an extremely popular way of communication, just next to the actual phone calls. In your Symbian cell phone, you can see who is calling, as the phone shows the callers details on the screen, and you can decide whether you should answer it or not. However, in case of a sms, you have to click and check who exactly is the message from, there is no way who could be texting.

Now with SMS Preview, you can see whose message is it immediately when you receive it and decide whether its necessary to reply to it or not. No need to go into the inbox to view the message anymore.

SMS Preview In Action:

SMS Preview saves you both time and effort and you can easily ignore the unnecessary texts by just by looking at the screen – No need to check every incoming SMS by going into the inbox.  You can view it till the time you have set or double-click any keys to make it disappear.


SMS Preview Installation:

  • Using mobile software (Nokia PC suite, etc.) transfer the download file to your mobile.
  • On your mobile navigate to your applications/install folder and select the SMS Preview Icon.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

SMS Preview Activation and Settings:

SMS Preview is easy to download and install. But in order for it start functioning you need to activate the product by sending an international SMS to the developers. You also need a 3G/GPRS connection for updates.

This is just for tracking how many users the application has. They reply almost immediately with a message that your application has been activated. Considering the usefulness of the Application, it’s really not trouble sending a SMS.


You can enable or disable SMS Preview any time. It also gives you the option to Check for Updates for the Application.


SMS Preview gives you the option to select how long would you like to see the preview of the incoming text. You can select anywhere from 5-60 Seconds.


SMS Preview Features:

  • Get Instant Previews of your incoming SMS with a single click
  • Save time and effort by not having to navigate to your message folder.
  • Select the Duration of the Preview (5-60 Secs)
  • Dismiss the preview by tapping any button twice


SMS Preview is a very handy little App and I am sure it would save you lot of time and clicks by showing you the message immediately when it arrives and let you decide whether to open it or not. Its one of my favorite apps on my Nokia N95 and saves me a lot of time since I can just ignore unnecessary smses after checking the preview.

Download the file directly to your computer and install it via Nokia PC Suite: Download SMS Preview from developer homepage.