Finding new music can be a chore, even for seasoned collectors. Most of the big music sites are chocked full of mainstream songs, and cater to the more popular musical sensibilities, so it takes a lot of digging to find fresh, new artists and songs.

Even if you find something that strikes your fancy, you can only sample a few seconds of each song, and you do not know what you’re really getting until you buy it. Google understands this, and has launched the Magnifier Music discovery site to help you find new artists and songs by sharing free songs everyday.

Magnifier: Awesome Service for Google Music Users

Google Music (Beta) recently debuted, and gave music lovers an easy-to-use place to store their music for free. If you’re a Google Music user, you can take advantage of Magnifier’s free music immediately. Just go to the Magnifier site, and browse the available music. When you see a song or artist you want to try on for size, click the Add free music button.

Add Free Music

Magnifier will add the music to your Google Music account. Click the Listen Now button.

Listen Now

Google Music will open, and take you directly to the free song you added to your Free Songs playlist.

Free Songs Playlist

That’s all you have to do to find new, free music and add it to your Google Music account. You can also browse through the Free Song Archive, where the songs are organized by genre. Once you click on the genre of your choice, click the Add free songs button, and all of the songs from that genre will be added to your Google Music account.

Free Song Archive

Good for Google and Good for You

This is a great addition to Google Music. You can try out new bands, songs, and even entire genres without spending a dime. Even though the current selection is small, over time the archive will grow, and there will be many more listening choices for Google Music users. The opportunity to get free music will undoubtedly draw a lot of attention to Google Music, and may result in more people requesting invitations to use the service.

Google is also keenly aware that they are building relationships with bands and record labels by distributing the music, and it may lead to new partnerships, and result in a Google Music store, which a lot of fans are rooting for.

If you haven’t signed up for Google Music Beta, it is worth it just for the opportunity to access so much free music. Take the time to request an invite, or see if a friend can send you one. It is an easy-to-use, cost effective tool for backing up your music collection, and now you can use it to broaden your tastes in music.