windows-live-skydriveSince Microsoft has decided to jump on the Cloud bandwagon, it has focused a lot of its efforts on revamping Windows Live SkyDrive. Anyone using the Internet now is looking for ways to upload, edit and share on the go and SkyDrive seeks to bring everything a Windows Live users wants and need in its service.

Just recently SkyDrive increased its storage space from 5 GB to 25 GB. With Microsoft’s recent announcements about SkyDrive 5, the service will now offer unlimited storage for any type of Microsoft Office document as well as photos. Everything else will fall under the 25 GB storage space guidelines.

What New Features will SkyDrive Wave 5 have?

So far, Microsoft has been very hush-hush about how they want to develop and implement changes in SkyDrive 5. The only official announcement has come in the changes to storage space.

Storage changes to SkyDrive 5:

  • Unlimited Office documents storage.
  • Unlimited photo storage.
  • 25 GB storage for all other file types.

Microsoft has put a lot of work into changing how SkyDrive works and enticing users to flock to its service rather than relying on other Cloud-based markets out there. SkyDrive currently has Office 2010 integration and works well when paired with Office Web Apps. The Windows mobile phone platform also utilizes the same technology behind SkyDrive which will make it much easier to stay in sync with Office documents on the go.

SkyDrive currently boasts over 70 million users and the majority will no doubt find these solutions to storage on the service beneficial. It now falls to Microsoft to be able to develop and find the space to house unlimited storage for each and every user. Many services boast “unlimited storage” for users, but when a user truly begins to take up space they backtrack and limit them. Microsoft wants to change that and really give its users the opportunity to see just how powerful SkyDrive can be.

How will the new features affect SkyDrive?

In order for Microsoft to compete with Google Docs and other services, they have to begin offering better than their competitors. By trying to find a solution to unlimited storage, they very well could deliver an online storage system that rivals anything out there. Only time will tell if Microsoft can deliver on SkyDrive, but it seems that once the company puts their mind to something, they find a way to make it happen.

SkyDrive Wave 5 will give users the opportunity to store, share and not worry about how much space their documents and photos are taking up. More announcements and news on the improvements to SkyDrive Wave 5 are sure to come in the future, and we will bring you the latest as it comes in.

If you are just getting started with Windows Live SkyDrive, check out our guide about  Getting started with Skydrive.

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