top 10 travel apps for android If you liked our list of the best travel apps for the iPad and iPhone, you will surely like this list of travel apps for Android app too. It wasn’t too difficult to compile this list since there aren’t many travel apps available in the Android Market right now.

Hopefully, you’ll find all the apps listed here useful. Like our previous list, we tried to group the apps according to categories. Hence, you’ll find Android travel apps for travel planning and organizing, flight and hotel bookings, flight and board tracking and miscellaneous apps. These apps support not only Android phones but Android Honeycomb tablets as well.


Travel Planner/Organizer Apps

TripAdvisor (Free)

screenshots of trip advisor android app

Many have been raving about this Android app, so I decided to check it out myself. True enough, it was a pretty good travel app that will really help you with your next travel. The app specifically lets you search for hotels, restaurants, cheap flights, and more – right on your Android phone.

It contains more than 50 million reviews, tons of travel-related photos, and a travel forum where you can read about the travel escapades of others who have used TripAdvisor for Android.

Download the TripAdvisor app

TripIt – Travel Organizer (Free)

screenshots of tripit android app

How many times have you found yourself not enjoying a trip due to poor travel planning and management? Happened to me once or twice already, because of sudden decision to travel. If you’re planning a trip and you have already booked your flight, check TripIt Android app and see for yourself how this app creates your itinerary “automagically.”

All you have to do upon booking a trip is to send the confirmation email to and you can soon access your itineraries right on your Android phone. TripIt supports reservations from more than 3000 book sites such as restaurants, concerts, cruises and more.

Download the TripIt app

Hotel Search and Booking Apps

Kayak Flight and Hotel Search (Free)

screenshots of kayak flight and hotel search

I’m a bit apprehensive to include this app on this list because it has been getting some mixed reviews from the Android Market. Some say it’s pretty good and even better than TripAdvisor while some say it doesn’t really perform well. But so far, while checking it out, the app didn’t fail on me. So, check it out for yourself.

Kayak Flight and Hotel Search app as its name suggests lets you compare flight, hotel and car rental deals, track your flight status, view and manage your trip itinerary, look up baggage fees and even access airline numbers and airport information.

Download the Kayak Flight and Hotel Search app (Free)

screenshots of android app

This is a pretty good app for taking care of your booking needs. It helps you find nearby hotels and book safely as well using your Android phone. Boasting of 160,000 hotels worldwide, the app also lets you flick through photos, and read guests reviews. Best of all, you just need to show your booking confirmation email at the hotel reception and you’re good to go.

It eliminates the need to confirm through telephone or pintout your confirmation. My only gripe about this app, as well as by others who installed it is that it takes up too much of your phone’s storage. Other than that, it’s a pretty useful app.

Download the app

Hotel Pal (Free)

screenshots of hotel pal android app

Another good Android app for browsing and finding hotels to you may book for your next travel. The app offers more than 100,000 hotels worldwide and lets you search by city, zip or even GPS. To appreciate the hotel even more, full-screen photos of most if not all hotels were included.

The app also lets you compare hotel locations using built-in maps, check live hotel availability and rates as well as check out hotel amenities and descriptions.

Download the Hotel Pal app (Update – App not available) (Free)

screenshots of agoda android app

The app’s tag line goes something like – “A world of hotels in the palm of your hand.” True enough, covers more than 160,000  hotels worldwide and gets more than 1 million hotel reviews annually. I’m pretty sure one of those hotels is the one where you’re planning book for your next trip.

Additional features of the app which are quite useful include best price guarantees, new deals are added daily, filters for finding the perfect hotel that suits your budget, and an interactive map to get you back to the hotel you’ve booked.

Download the app

Flight and Airport Boarding Apps

Flight Track ($4.95)

screenshots of flight track android app

For tracking your flights and other flights too, Flight Track is a useful Android app. This app provides you with real-time flight status and map tracking for major headlines worldwide. And it tracks flight using beautiful zoomable maps. The app also gives you real-time departure info, flight delays, and even gate numbers.

Making the app even more useful is the app widget which you can install on your Android phone’s home screen to let you track flights even when the app is closed.

Download the Flight Track app

Flight Board ($3.85)

screenshots of flight board android app

Like Flight Track, Flight Board app also lets you view flight information in real-time. Additionally, it also lets you check out the boarding information of airports. The app covers more than 4000 airports and 1400 airlines, so you’re pretty sure to find the boarding information for your current or future flights. And mind you, the Flight Board’s information is pretty current since the information are updated every 5 minutes.

Download the Flight Board app

Miscellaneous Travel Apps

Trip Journal ($0.99)

screenshots of trip journal android app

If you’re traveling a lot, it would be good to record your trips and share them with your friends and family. Trip Journal helps you do that. In fact, it’s the app’s sole purpose. As such, Trip Journal lets you track your route, record photos, videos, and notes, use the app’s compass, embed trips on your travel or personal blogs and of course, share your trip details on Google Earth, Picasa, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Download the Trip Journal app

Travel Interpreter ($11)

screenshots of travel interpreter

One of the most frustrating thing that could happen to you while traveling to a different country is to have a hard time communicating with local folks due to language barriers. So, you’ll definitely need the Travel Interpreter app. Simply put, it turns your Android phone into an instant interpreter.

The app covers 28 languages that pretty much covers most of the frequently visited countries of tourists. This app is also useful for booking hotels and flights, ordering food and more.

Download the Travel Interpreter app

There you go, our top picks for the best travel apps for Android. If we missed any app that you think should be included on the list, feel free to tell us about it by leaving a comment.

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