intro-fences Every computer user has been there. You have a clean desktop when you first install a new OS or buy a new PC. Then after a few days of hard work, you have folder, links, icons and all kinds of downloads scattered across your screen. How do you usually fix this problem? Fences has the answer.


Fences is a free program for your Windows OS. In a nutshell, Fences helps you organize your computer’s desktop by barricading off areas of your screen giving you places to sort your files and such. Its like using visual “folders” on your desktop which help you keep things properly organized. If you like to keep things organized or would prefer a simpler way to keep your desktop neat and tidy, Fences would do the job for you.

Setting up Fences On Your Computer

After you download and run the installation wizard, you will have your choice of setup options.

The basic setup will give you a good walk through of what you are adjusting. If you make a mistake, you can easily undo what you did.

There are two initial options, create a couple of fences or sort everything on your screen. I went with sort everything. What this did is put all of the similar icons in a fence together. Links, programs, documents, folders and others all went into their own area.

Before we look at the desktop, let’s go through the settings.


The appearance setting gives you a lot of options to change the look of the fences. As you can see, you have the option to adjust the transparency, tint and do other visual modifications. If you name the fenced areas, you can have the label show all the time, never or when you mouse over it.

If you use a dark background, most of these settings will not show up. I started with a black wallpaper and changed it to a light gray so the fences would show up better for this article.


If you make a mistake or just dislike the way the setup you chose ended up, you can start from scratch using the pre-installation screenshot. The screenshot is taken automatically with no action from you.

To restore your desktop to how it was before you fenced off sections, go to the tools section of the settings. If you have already exited out of the settings, you can open them by right-clicking on your desktop and choosing Configure Fences.

Hide desktop

Also in the Tools tab, you have a check box to enable hiding the icons on the desktop by double clicking on the desktop.

After the setup

After you have gone through all of the customizing, it is time to start using the fences. If you want to move a fenced area to a different place on your desktop, simply drag it where you would like it to be. This is also the method used to move files or other contents in or out of the fenced areas.

If you would like to create a new fence, right-click and draw out the size you’d like the fence to be.

Before Fences

After Fences


We used fences on a newly installed Windows OS, hence the number of icons were pretty limited. But like all Windows users know, after installing a few programs, the desktop looks quite cluttered.

Using an application like fences is super useful for keeping your desktop from getting cluttered. Having fences for different projects, file types shortcuts or even links can really save you time and frustration when it comes time to find what you are looking for.

Download Fences.

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