You’re traveling somewhere and you didn’t bring your laptop. Then you realize you wanted to send photos of some of your flea market finds for your mom. Your problem is simple: You need to be able to resize photos online on the fly, without installing a new program.

So you go online at a local internet café, or a hotel or coffee shop Mac or PC. Or maybe you’re using a Chromebook or a cloud netbook such as the HP Streams, and the web apps listed below will get the image resizing done for you.

Criteria For A Great Web-Based App to Batch Resize Photos

Before we give you the three apps themselves, here are the criteria we considered for choosing these apps:

  • It has to have a simple interface. Too many knobs, odds, and ends will confuse an end-user. We choose to recommend only those apps that will be easy to use and won’t complicate a user’s life.
  • It has to have enough options to get the desired results. Options to constrain proportions would be a plus.
  • No uploading? Better! One of our picks has a neat feature: You don’t have to upload the photos. You get to do your image resizing locally. This makes batch image resizing safer and more secure because there would be very little risk of having your photos leaked online. None of them would be stored on a server somewhere and there would be no risk of seeing your photos leaked.
  • Discreet to nonexistent ads. While one of our options has a lot of ads on its page, the other two have very clean interfaces. The least ads and visual clutter, the better!

On To The Apps

Bulk Resize Photos


This is the app that we said that didn’t require you to upload your photos to their server. The process is nice, straightforward, and the options make a whole lot of sense. So much sense, I’m ready to toss out my desktop image resizers!

Personally, I like keeping my photos on the right aspect ratio, so I only resize the width for the most part. With the “Width” or “Height,” or even “Longest Side” option, you only need to focus on setting that particular side. No other knobs, odds, or ends.

However, if you want to complicate your life a little, or simply have better control over your bulk image resizing, you can hit the “PRO” button under the image resizing options, and tweak the Image Quality settings. You may even set the background color for the photos, which will work if they have transparent areas.

The photos will be downloaded as a .ZIP file, so it’s pretty convenient and lessens the risk of overwriting the original files.

On the whole, this is one web app that I would definitely bookmark! In fact, since my mom is such a big fan of high-res photos, I’ll be emailing her about this app!

Bulk Resize Photos

Batch Image Resizing Made Easy a.k.a. “B.I.R.M.E.”


Another clean and simple app. One reason why I like this web app is that all the options you need are all on one page. No dialogue to follow: Just input all the options you need on the page, then download as a .ZIP file.

Tips for setting the B.I.R.M.E. image resize set well:

  • Choose the “Auto-height” option if you’re resizing the width of the image, and the “Auto-width” option if your resizing is based on the image’s height. This way, the aspect ratio is preserved.
  • If you want to set a border just for aesthetic purposes, you can set that, too. I liked this function, because if you want to create a standard format or style for your photos, it’s a neat option.
  • Set your JPG quality setting to 100% for the maximum resolution and quality available for the image’s size.

Just like Bulk Resize Photos web app, the files will be downloaded as a .ZIP file. I particularly prefer this option, since I prefer keeping the original files. It also keeps the main folder from being cluttered.

Again, props to B.I.R.M.E. for the “border” option, though I hope they’d add a function to choose other colors for the border, in the future.




Admittedly, this tool is the one I least like. Its page is cluttered with ads, and you would need to upload your photos to their servers. However, it’s still a very popular web tool, and it’s worth a look.

The process is straightforward, too: Add photos to the page > upload the files > choose resize options > download/save files to your PC [“Save to Disk”]. And just like that, you’re done.

Take note that this app uploads your images to their server. While the site posted a note saying that they’ll delete your files after 24 hours, there’s also an option for you to remove your photos right after you process them. Just hit “Remove Batch,” and you’re done.

I checked whether my photos were, indeed, removed by hitting “Save to Disk” again, and I got a 404 Page. Hurray, my files were deleted! I also tried navigating to the batch “job” link that they provided me, and I also got an error message, saying, “Error: The requested job was not found. It may have been automatically deleted. Start a new batch job.” It’s a relief to know that they delete your photos after 24 hours and that you may manually delete them, as well.

PicResize has other functions available, such as adding effects and filters, as well as simple editing features like rotating the photo, cropping, etc. It’s almost a one-stop-shop for photo editing, though, seriously, the interface could have been cleaner.


The Wrap

If I were to choose just one of these apps to bookmark and use for situations as I described in the intro, I’d choose B.I.R.M.E. Why? The interface is simple, clean, and the process is a one-stop-shop. Plus, I can’t stress the border function enough. It’s nice and makes your photos look pretty. Also, while it isn’t explicit on their page whether they store your photos or not, I assume that they don’t, because there was no uploading involved.

I’m a big fan of redundancy and collecting web apps to bookmark. Since there’s no installation involved, these options won’t take up much space on my PC, anyway, probably just a few kilobytes for the bookmark entry data. Other than that and the fact that I’ve added another entry to my bookmarks, these are pretty lightweight. Do all of these web apps deserve space on your bookmarks repository? Why not?

Happy high-res-photo-resizing!