As you’ve learned from our previous selfie articles, namely “10 Feature Rich iPhone Apps To Help You Take Awesome Selfies” and “The Quest For The Perfect Selfie: Essential Android Selfie Apps,” apps can make all the difference in capturing that perfect self-portrait. However, a phone’s front camera, as well as the built-in tools, can also help you look great, especially on social media.

Most phone cameras nowadays could run circles around digital cameras the existed five years ago. So much so, that the smartphone market probably killed the digital camera market. The DSLR market survives, especially for pro photography and the serious photography hobbyist. However, like pro photographer, Austin Mann has proven, the iPhone 6 Plus manages to capture stunning images that you won’t be able to tell from a DSLR shot.

Aside from the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the recent models iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus and even the iPhone SE, which phone models take awesome selfies? We at TechNorms decided to find out.

What Makes a Great Selfie Phone

I’ve discovered early on that the best selfie shots aren’t necessarily taken from the highest-resolution models. The reason is that high-res phones tend to capture everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Every single blemish, pimples, scars, can be captured by a phone’s front cam when it can handle megapixels higher than the two-or-three-generations-removed VGA camera. A VGA camera is rated at only 0.3 megapixels, but it is sufficient for selfie snaps that are good enough.

In my experience, I preferred these to the higher-megapixel front cameras, because the blur helped to hide my face’s imperfections. I’ve also tried using an HTC One’s 2.1-megapixel front camera and found it to be good enough. In my opinion, higher-definition photography is best reserved for capturing memorable moments, beautiful scenery, and food.

However, the trend is towards creating phones with bigger, badder cameras, and I guess, for those who have blemishes to hide, the filter apps will fix that.

But if I were to list down the best criteria for a great selfie-centric phone, here they are:

  • Has technology for snapping hands-free selfies. If not, it should at least be compatible with selfie sticks.
  • Has a front camera flash, if possible. If not, it should have the iPhone 6S’ screen flash technology. Else, the user can just download an app.
  • The phone must be able to enhance the photo’s color balance, hues, as well as the brightness and contrast, or should at least be realistic and true-to-life.

That being said, you now know that I filtered my picks for you based on this criteria.

We begin with the top pick of the lot.