Galaxy S7 homescreen

So, you want to give mobile photography a shot, eh? With the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, you can take some amazing picture. As you saw with our guide on the S7 camera, the camera with the latest flagship from Samsung is pretty amazing.

You can still get more from it if you learn how to use the camera, invest in accessories, and practice, practice, practice. Let’s look at how to level up the photos you take with the S7 and how you can get more out of your mobile phone camera.

7 Tips for Taking Better Pics With Galaxy S7


S7 camera modes

We touched on the S7 camera modes when we talked about how to use the camera on the device. We can’t stress enough that you need to learn the ins and outs of each mode, practice with each one, and make sure to use the right one for what you’re shooting.

The Pro mode, in particular, can help you take better pictures whether you want to or not, so we encourage you to use this mode every time you take a picture unless another mode would make more sense.

Use the Right Settings

S7 camera settings

Nobody likes scrolling through settings, but when it comes to taking pictures, it’s essential to get the most out of your camera phone. Go through every setting on the S7’s camera, tinker with them, try new setups and see what works best.

Depending on the types of pictures you take, you may find certain settings work better than others. We recommend turning on Tracking AF and Grid Lines settings in the beginning as they’ll help you take better pictures as you get used to the camera.

Ditch the Flash

Turn off flash Many people will tell you to leave auto-flash on and use it when the camera sees fit. However, this isn’t the best way to take pictures. Nine out of ten times, using the flash will cause unwanted effects on your picture and actually make it turn out worse than you wanted.

Turn off the flash, use it sparingly, and take two of photos where you think the flash might help. Take one with the flash, one without, and compare the results. With practice, you’ll discover situations to use the flash and when not to on your own.

To HDR or to Not HDR

High dynamic range (HDR) is a photography settings integrated into high-end mobile phones as well as standalone cameras. It gives you a greater dynamic range than a standard picture mode. HDR at its core takes multiple pictures of the same shot at different exposures then takes the best parts of each photo and turns it into a single photo.

With the S7, you’ll want to use a tripod, something we touch upon next, in order to get the most out of HDR. If you set up the shot right, on a tripod and hold steady, you’ll get great HDR pictures from the Galaxy S7. This is why most consumers hate HDR, because they never set the shot up properly and get poor results because of it.


Camera tripod

When you think of tripods, you typically think of expensive camera setups and scoff at the idea of using one with a cell phone. With the S7 camera improvements, including low light functionality, using a tripod to balance your hand will help you get amazing hyperlapse photos, sunrise and sunset photos, along with long distance photos at the horizon.

Tripods allow you the steadiest of hands taking pictures, which can help you capture amazing moments.

Smartphone Lenses

Camera lenses

Smartphone lenses are becoming smarter and more practical. They can help with the focus of your shot, increasing the zoom from a narrow shot to a wide angle shot and more.

There’s a variety of lenses out there for cell phones nowadays and when paired with the power of the S7 camera can turn even the most novice photographer into someone who takes amazing shots in the distance.


FV-5 camera app

If the S7 camera still doesn’t seem to be working for you, you can always try a third party app for Android to get better pictures. There’s hundreds of camera apps out there, mostly free, that aren’t worth your time.

Paid apps like Pro Shot, Camera FV-5, and Camera360 Ultimate are some of the best out there and let you get access to hidden camera settings that Android doesn’t let you tweak. These settings can drastically change the way you take pictures and are worth the investment if the default modes aren’t doing your photos justice.


Overall, before you do anything else, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge camera on its own is a thing of beauty.

If you want to do more, take better pictures, and get more from the camera no matter what you’re shooting, the above seven tips and tricks will help you get even more out of your mobile phone camera than you thought possible.