The iPhone 6S is one of the better selfie phones out there and the new screen flash feature makes it even better. Since its pretty useful to users, the screen flash feature is now being integrated into more phones, with LG phones leading the way.

What is the screen flash feature exactly?
Selfies are a rage and most of the time when you take a selfie, you can’t have access to flash as it’s at the back of the phone. To resolve this, in iPhone 6S screen flash feature was introduced where the screen goes white just before the photo is taken and thus you get a brighter photo.

However, what if you own a phone that doesn’t have that specific feature, out of the box? There are still ways to be able to take selfies without the need to get an iPhone 6S or an LG G3, G4, or G5.

Screen Flash On An Older-Generation iPhone

Download Selfshot for your non-Jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

Selfshot is basically another selfie app for the iOS. While some of the other apps on our previous article have the feature integrated already, Selfshot is a simpler, elegant solution to the lack of a screen flash on older iOS devices. It only requires iOS 7, so you’ll be able to use this app on devices as far back as an iPhone 4.

Download Front Flash. It does not require Jailbreaking, either.

Before Front Flash was offered as a $0.99 app on the App Store, it was a Cydia tweak first. But now, those who are not comfortable with jailbreaking their iOS devices will be able to use the function through the Front Flash app. The app is also compatible with iOS devices as old as iOS 7.

Using a Jailbroken iOS Device? Here are your options.

If your iOS Device is already jailbroken, you can use the FrontFlash Cydia tweak – FrontFlash [Alternate Link]

Note: You may get a browser warning while visiting the Cydia website.

You may want to watch this video on how to use the Cydia tweak.

FrontFlash Jailbreak Cydia Tweak – Get More Light With The Front Facing Camera!

Basically, Jailbroken or not, you are now armed with ways to add the Front Flash on your older-generation iOS Device.

Front/Screen Flash Options For The Android

There are two ways to get the Front Flash feature on an Android device: Either you install a hack that gives your stock camera a front-facing flash, or you can download an app that has the feature.

On our Android selfie apps article, there are apps listed that have integrated the feature. But here are some dedicated Front Flash apps on Google Play, reviewed objectively. Only the best, non-buggy apps made it to this list, but you may refer to this file, for the rest of the notes on the different, top-rated Front Flash apps available on Google Play.

Screen Flash Apps On Google Play

BestMe Selfie Camera

This app made it to the “runner-up” list on our Android selfie apps article, but this app makes the top of this list because it earned 4.6 Stars on Google Play. More than that, this app is one of the best-performing, as well as the best-designed in the bunch. The interface is clean and sophisticated, and the added filters are a plus. There were no issues with saving the photos, as they instantly and effectively got saved to the Gallery. The app does not create its own folder for the selfie outputs, though.

When posting to Instagram, the app already has tag suggestions ready. So if you must submit your selfie to tags to get more likes, the function is already pre-set. In terms of ads, there are some buttons that may seem like a function or a feature, but actually, lead to ads. Aside from that, there are no ads dotting the app, and neither are there any obnoxious ads that run periodically and “hijack” the app.

illuMEnate: Front Camera Flash

The app integrates with the Gallery, so you can find all the snaps in the Gallery folders. It has a good enough interface: It’s clean, but it isn’t “sophisticated” or “elegant.” It takes decent shots, though the output looks pre-filtered and overlaid with a Beauty Mode type of edit. This could be a good thing, though, especially for those who are overly conscious of their facial flaws.

Lumix: Front Flash Selfie Cam

This app was created by the same developers of illuMEnate. It has its own folder on the phone, plus the photos show up on the main Gallery folders. The snaps are clear, with a good amount of smoothing, so your selfies will appear with lesser blemishes. The color balance is more natural, as opposed to warmer or tinged with stronger shades of other hues. The ads sit within the periphery of the app but are not obnoxious or obtrusive.

Front Flash

The app’s interface is a tad kitschy, but it has filters that overlay photos with other colors. After taking the selfie, you can modify the output with filter options that will show up. The effect is actually pretty cute. The output is saved to its own folder, with no lags in saving. Only, you need to get past its splash screen to get to start taking selfies. In spite of the kitschy interface, the filters make for fun selfie posts, so I recommend downloading and keeping this app.

Selfie Flash – Front Light

In spite of the fact that there was no option to save the photos, but instead, just the choice to share the output immediately to other apps, delete, or go back to Camera Mode, this app is still worth downloading and keeping. I surmise that this function was set because most selfie-takers tend to take multiple shots, in order to get the best-looking shot for posting.

The function eliminates the need to edit the selfies; a selfie-taker can just immediately discard the snap and start over. This feature, then, makes for an efficient use of storage space. The interface, meanwhile, is very clean. Very intuitive. The ads, however, are slightly annoying.

Front Flash

In spite of its relatively low rating, the app is very good. Very intuitive, and the interface is simple. There’s only a viewfinder where you can see how your selfies will look, as well as a brightness adjustment bar. This setup adds to the simplicity in taking selfies. Ads were not so obnoxious, and the photos saved perfectly to its own folder. Worth a download, and it’s actually worth keeping, too.

The Wrap

While getting the screen flash for older iPhones/iDevices was a more straightforward pursuit, finding the right app was trickier for the Android. Doing a quick search for “Front Flash” or “Selfie Flash” yields thousands of results. We’ve narrowed down the choices and simplified the process for you. Do refer to the complete list, so that you’ll know what we thought about most of the other apps on the top results of a quick search for “Front Flash.”

Some apps, in spite of their high Google Play rating, just aren’t worth a download, at all. The ratings don’t even show the whole picture, because some apps with relatively higher ratings tested to be buggy, or didn’t even save the photos at all. Hopefully, our list will solve that for you.

It would be great if all phones adopt the iPhone 6S standard of integrating a Front Flash feature, or like LG or Oppo that wisely built that function into their devices. As it is, though, hope our suggested solutions adequately give you better, brighter, selfies!