Using Oculus

VR technology is rapidly becoming a popular way to kick back, relax, and enjoy new experiences. Whether you’ve followed our virtual reality coverage at CES, bought a VR headset, or are curious about the technology, VR can cause issues for users if you don’t setup the experience properly. There’s a safe, secure way to use VR to make sure you don’t hurt yourself or others.

Let’s look at how to safely use the Samsung Gear VR, or any VR headset, for the best experience possible.

What You Need to Know About Your VR Headset

Any VR headset, including the Samsung Gear VR, is going to change the way you see the world. The headset itself will immerse you in a variety of virtual reality scenarios which can change the way your eye’s view the world around you.

It’s important to remember going into the experience that VR isn’t for everyone and if you feel uncomfortable, queasy, or otherwise anxious while using the headset, that you take it off and reconsider using the technology to begin with – at least for now.

Choose the Proper Setting

It’s imperative that you choose the proper setting before you put on your VR headset. This means sitting in a sturdy chair that can’t rotate or move during the experience. Ideally, this chair has armrests and a back, that way if you begin to contort your body to see the “world” around you, you have support so that you don’t fall out of the chair.

You can use your VR headset in bed, so long as you re-orient the device for to be laying down. Laying down can be a great way to get used to VR, so long as you are laying in the middle of the bed and use pillows on each side for a layer of support as you move around. For some, this can ease the queasiness and uncertainty that comes with using VR for the first time.

If you are using the headset at home with pets or children, I recommend using the headset in a room away from both. This way children or pets can’t startle you doing the VR experience, causing you to react quickly which could be harmful to everyone’s health and cause injury.

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Secure Your Headset

Special Considerations for Those Wearing Glasses

If you wear glasses, you may or may not be able to use them with VR headsets. It will depend on the headset and how you secure it to your head, along with how you adjust the view. If you opt not to wear your glasses or can’t wear a headset with them, you will need to take more breaks as you’ll strain your eyes to the point of a headache during the experience.

Secure the VR straps

Once you’ve found the proper setting, you want to put the headset on and secure it to your head. Make sure to use all the included straps and not only look for comfort in wearing the headset but also security. You don’t want to the headset moving at all during your VR session, especially when moving your head.

Moving your head can cause the headset to shift, making you nauseous and messing with your eyes if the VR headset isn’t secure. This can lead to not only queasiness but headaches, too.

Adjust Your View

Adjust your view

Once the headset is secure, most VR headsets will trigger the accompanying VR app to start and not before. You’ll be able to adjust the view as soon as this happens. Before you do anything else, take the time to adjust your view. Each headset will vary on how you do this, so make sure you’re aware of where the viewfinder controls are before you put the headset on.

Adjust the view until you can see clearly. If you find the view shifting as you adjust it, this means your VR headset isn’t as secure as it should be against your head. You’ll want to re-adjust the straps and secure the headset before trying to adjust your view again.

When to Take Your VR Headset Off

If you’re feeling anxious, queasy, or your eyes begin to feel strained, it’s time to your VR headset off. Anytime you feel a headache coming on or your eyes are uncomfortable, take your headset.

If you feel motion sick or get flush with vertigo, take your headset off. I recommend closing your eyes first, then taking your headset off so that your eyes have to time to adjust to whatever conditions are set where you are using the headset.


Whether you’re using the Samsung Gear VR or another VR headset, it’s imperative that you set yourself up for a safe and secure virtual reality experience. One bad experience can turn your away from VR forever.

Follow the above tips, learn your limits, and enjoy your time with the thousands of VR experiences out there for you to enjoy now and in the future.