Gear VR straps

Out of the box, the Samsung Gear VR and other VR headsets might not look like much. You might finish a VR experience, then toss the headset aside thinking nothing of it. Unfortunately, that’s not the best option.

If you truly want to enjoy the best VR has to offer, you need to maintain, clean and store your Gear VR and headsets properly to keep it in good working order.

Here’s what you need to know about maintaining, cleaning and storing your Samsung Gear VR and other VR headsets.

MaintainingYour Samsung Gear VR

Gear VR lens and phone cover

By taking the time every time you use your VR headset, you can ensure it’s in working condition each time you jump into a VR scenario. While the Gear VR and other headsets might look like nothing much, there’s still moving parts and components that make it capable of virtual reality. Here are a few tips for maintaining your headset:

  • Never toss your Gear VR headset around
  • Never leave it unattended without the lens and phone cover secured
  • If you have pets or children, leave the headset out of their reach
  • Don’t leave the headset in freezing cold temperatures or scorching hot ones either
  • Be gentle when handling the headset, especially the lens adjuster and controls

Cleaning Your Samsung Gear VR

Gear VR interior lenses

Your Samsung Gear VR or VR headset will need to be cleaned every once in a while. Don’t use any chemicals on it, especially the lenses. For the lenses, you can use eyeglass cleaning solution to wipe the lenses down.

Make sure to use an eyeglass cleaning cloth, too. Never use a washcloth, paper towel, or other coarse material to clean the lenses of the Gear VR or you risk scratching them.

Gear VR exterior lenses

For the rest of the Gear VR or headset, you can use a paper towel or washcloth and a few drops of water to wipe down and clean the device. You’ll want to do this at least once a week if you’re a regular VR user to keep build up and grime off the device. For the padded portions, refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for keeping it clean.

S7 screen

Note: In order to have an optimal VR experience, you’ll also want to clean your phone’s screen every time you use your headset. Use a screen cleaner and the cloth that came with it to wipe down your phone screen.

Storing Your Samsung Gear VR

Gear VR in box

In order to maintain and keep your Samsung Gear VR or other VR headset, even after performing the above steps, you have to store it properly. For most users, storing their headset in the box or case it came in is the best bet. However, if you’re using the headset on the go, you may want to invest in something that protects the headset during travels.

There’s VR headset cases out there and more coming out each day. Amazon has a variety of cases available, so it’s important to find what looks, feels, and protects your headset for your needs.

For me, I’m storing my Gear VR and my HooToo headset in the boxes they came in because I’m not using them on the go, so it works for me. So, take the time to find the storage solution for your Gear VR or other headsets that works best for your situation and how you use VR.


When investing in VR technology, you have to take care of it like you’d take care of anything else out there. By maintaining, cleaning, and storing your Gear VR and VR headsets properly, you’ll ensure a good VR experience every time and keep your headset in working condition long into the future.