I have always found Windows Vista Calendar to be a useful application to be used as a Planner or as a Scheduler. It is preferable to Microsoft Outlook as it has nice set of features, works as fully functional calendar and consumes lot less memory compared to Outlook. It easily syncs with any Mobile device, so you can view your schedule on your cell phone as well.

You now have access to your Schedule on your PC and your Mobile device as well. But what about synchronizing it an Online Calendar.Windows Live Calendar on the other hand has the advantage of being available online and hence can be accessed from any computer. However some people prefer Windows Calendar as its faster since its an application, also someone might prefer scheduling offline, rather than in a browser. Logically the Windows Vista Calendar should sync with Windows Live Calendar. Unfortunately it doesn’t sync automatically, but this can be setup manually. That’s what we have discussed below.

Before we proceed there are two possible ways to look at it. First, someone who primarily uses Windows Live Calendar and wants to sync it with Windows Vista Calendar to view it offline. Second possibility is someone who primarily uses Windows Vista Calendar for managing their schedule and would like to sync it with Windows Live Calendar online.As far as automatic sync is concerned the first approach is relatively easy and the second needs more manual intervention. The processes to achieve these two are different as you would find out below.


First Scenario:

Schedule events online in Windows Live Calendar and Sync it with Windows Vista Calendar Offline:

Windows Live Calendar has gone through a lot of improvements since it was first launched in 2007. It fits well in the numerous Windows Live Services and with a number of great features, its a great tool to stay organized. If you use the Windows Live calendar and would like to sync it with your Windows Vista Calendar it can be achieved as detailed below.

Windows Live Calendar – Full View:

This is a demo schedule – I never attend any meetings on Sundays, no matter how important!! 😉

 Windows Live Calendar - Day View

In the image we have the Windows Live Calendar with few events scheduled. Now in order to synchronize this calendar with Windows Vista Calendar we would have to share it and then subscribe to it in Windows Vista Calendar. Here’s how its done:

Step 1: Share your Calendar

Share Windows Live Calendar

Once you select which calendar to share, you get to screen with various sharing options, select the “Send Friends a View Only link” and then click on  ICS (Internet Calendaring and Scheduling)- Import into another calendar application option:

 Send View only Link for Calendar

If this is the first time you are sharing this calendar, WLC will prompt that you are about to publish your Calendar, Click “OK”:

First Time Calendar Share

You would then get a ICS Link dialogue box. Copy the link in the text box shown:

ICS Sharing Link

Step 2: Subscribe to the Calendar in Windows Vista Calendar:

Once you Copy this Link Open Windows Calendar and Click on Subscribe button on the Toolbar. Paste the link we just copied in the “Calendar to subscribe” to box and click next:

Subscribe using ICS Link

If everything went well till now, Windows Vista calendar will import the ICS links from your online calendar and help you set it up:

Setting for imported Calendar

Click on Finish and the Calendar would be imported into Windows Vista calendar:

 Imported Calendar

Now that we have subscribed to the Calendar on Windows Live, any changes that are made to the calendar would automatically synchronize with this Imported Calendar according to the Update Intervals specified by you. If you want to manually sync it Click on Share on Menu bar and Click on Sync.

Manually Sync WLC Calendar

That’s about it, now you have a fully synchronized calendar!

We have covered First scenario where we schedule online and want to sync it to Windows Vista Calendar. Now we will cover the other scenario in which we edit the Schedule on Windows Vista Calendar and want to sync it with Windows Live Calendar.


Second Scenario:

Schedule events in Windows Vista Calendar and sync them online with Windows Live Calendar:

If you prefer to organize your schedule offline Windows Vista Calendar is your best bet if you don’t use Outlook. It has great features with various Calendar views. It synchronizes with your cell phones easily, but in order to sync it with Windows Live Calendar online we have to export the Calendar online.

Step 1: Export your calendar as an ICS file and save it on your hard disk:

Export and save calendar 

Export and Save the Calendar.

Save Calendar


Step 2: Importing your Schedule into Windows Live Calendar:


Once you have saved the file, Go to Windows Live Calendar and Click on the Subscribe link at the top:

Import Calendar into Windows Live Calendar


Then Select the 2nd option that lets you import your Calendar:

Import the ICS File In Windows Live Calendar


Click on browse and select the file that you saved on your hard drive, then select the Online Calendar in which you want to import the schedule and click on Import:

Select the Calendar where you want to import the Calendar


In order to prevent duplicates Windows Live calendar provides us with an option to import only new events.Sometimes Windows Live Calendar acts up and says its not available. Wait a couple of minutes and try importing again, it would work.

Calendar Import Complete


And now, the weekly Schedule I planned has been imported online and I can view it from any computer online. This is a manual process so if you have weekly or monthly schedules this approach is fine. If you schedule events on a daily basis, you might need to do this everyday. Its a fairly simple process so, it shouldn’t be bothersome. There is a way to publish your Windows Calendar by clicking on Share on the Menu bar and clicking on Publish,But the Windows Live Calendar doesn’t recognize this format, and so we have to export our schedule as an ICS file.


Imported Schedule Online

The image above shows the new event I created on my Windows vista calendar and exported online into Windows Live calendar.


Now we know how to sync Windows Live Calendar with Windows Vista Calendar and vice versa.The easier approach of these two is to plan events online and then subscribe them to Windows Calendar, but the other way round may suit some people. Hope this was helpful.

So which way do you prefer? Any other ways you can suggest to keep your Calendars in Sync?

  • Wow, you really explained it well here. I was looking for a way to sync my Windows Live Calendar with my Vista Calendar and your concise explaination was perfect. Its working well.

    Thanks for explaining it with all these screenshots, makes it really easy to understand. Great effort.

    • Thanks for your kind words. Glad you found it useful. Keep visiting.

  • You mentioned that Windows Vista Calendar easily sync with any mobile device, how? I've been trying to find a way to do this and so far the solution eludes me. Thanks.

  • stringbean says:

    This is awesome!!!! Thank you so much.

  • Thanks.
    Stay tuned, we are working on a series of cool calendar tips and tricks, both, for Google as well as Windows live. You may want to check in once a while.

  • This is a great bit of info. However, I must mention a couple of issues I ran into.
    1- I found that the “Security Options” where it is stated to “Make sure you Check the option – “Run with Highest Privileges”, I needed to “Run only when user is logged on”.
    2- the command you say to copy or type is missing the back slashes and causes a little frustration….. it should be –> C:WindowsSystem32schtasks.exe /run /tn “MyProgramExe”.

    Again, thanks much for the information to rid us of the annoying UAC…!

  • Thanks for pointing out the backslash issues Eric.

    1) I guess you are the admin on your PC, hence it worked with the option “User Logged on”. I mentioned highest privileges, to avoid repetition of the process, if the the OS doesn't let you execute the operation, just with user logged on option.

    2) Actually, WordPress surprisingly removes all the backslash elements on the rendered HTML in a post. Its for some security reasons. The solution is to use \ which will be replaced by on the rendered HTML.

    In some cases one would need to use three to display it in within a WordPress post. or can use the & # 92 ; Ascii code to display it.

    Thanks for your tip, I have fixed it now and the command is in correct format now.