Samsung Milk VR

Samsung has introduced a variety of content with the consumer release of the Gear VR. Samsung Milk VR is one of those content projects, encompassing a variety of VR content from movie makers, amusement parks, scientists, explorers, and more. Content providers around the world can upload 3D content to Milk VR, which users can then find and experience with a VR headset.

Let’s look at how Samsung Milk VR works and how you can enjoy more VR content than you can imagine with it.

Using Samsung Milk VR with the Gear VR

Home screen

While the Milk VR experience works best with the Gear VR or another VR headset. You actually can watch the videos with 3D glasses on your web browser. Samsung recommends using Chrome or Firefox. Our steps will detail how to use Milk VR with the Gear VR.

You’ll want to download the Samsung Milk VR app from the Oculus store, then open it.

Main screen
Milk VR Home Screen

Note: You only need to create an account for Milk VR if you are uploading content.

When you first log into Milk VR, you’ll be created by the fresh and trending videos on the streaming service. This includes brand new content along with some of the most popular experiences users are watching.

Looking around at videos
Milk VR shows the trending 3D videos

You’ll use the headset to hover over icons, videos, and other options within Milk VR then use the control pad Enter button to select options. If you look left, right, and even behind you, you’ll find a variety of experiences to choose from.

Rollercoaster experience
Rollercoaster experience using the Samsung Milk VR

There’s content from big creators such as movie studios, CNN, Indy car racing, the WWE, and more. There’s also content for individual creators who have jumped into the heart of virtual reality.

At the top, you’ll find the menu bar. Move your head to highlight the icons, which include Search, Home, Folder, and Profile options.

From Search, you can search for specific content to watch.

Search option in Samsung Milk VR

The Home button will always take you back to the main screen like when you first logged in.

When you finally decide on an experience to indulge in, you’ll select it with the Enter button on the control pad and it will begin buffering, then load.

The advanced pause menu in Samsung Milk VR

Once loaded, you can click the Back button or the Enter button to pause the experience, which brings up its own menu. From here, you can download the video directly to your device for better playback and to watch later; you can also continue the stream or Favorite the video.

Basic pause menu
The basic pause menu in Samsung Milk VR

Most experiences through Milk VR are a few minutes long, and if you don’t like the experience, you can stop it at any time either by holding the Back button or simply taking off the headset.


With Samsung encouraging 3D content creation, there’s a variety of experiences on the Milk VR community that are sure to engage and entertain you. From Indy racing to CNN to science channels and more, you’re sure to find something that sparks your interest in VR technology when paired with the Gear VR from Samsung.

It’s pretty to cool to jump back and forth between experiences from some of Six Flag’s best rollercoasters to seeing the Milky Way to getting a look at The Martian all in once place in virtual reality.