Samsung Flow is a nifty Windows and Android app that was promoted with the Tab Pro S’s release to help use your fingerprint to log in to the tablet hybrid. Right now, with the Tab Pro S, you can log in with a password or fingerprint by default.

However, for some users who want to use biometrics, being able to login with a fingerprint is more secure and what they’re used to. That’s where Samsung Flow comes in to save the day, but it’s so much more than that.

Let’s look at what Samsung Flow is, what it does, and how to set it up with the Galaxy S7 and Tab Pro S.

What is Samsung Flow?

Samsung Flow is a PC and Android app when installed on both devices allows you to use your phone as a fingerprint reader, mobile hotspot, and more.

For devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S, this gives you access to biometric login, notifications from your phone, and access to the web on the go when you can’t find a public hotspot to hop on.

How to Setup Samsung Flow

If you bought a new Galaxy Tab Pro S, Samsung Flow comes pre-installed. If you own a compatible Android device, you’ll need to download Samsung Flow from the Google Play Store.

Samsung Flow in Google Play Store

Your phone will need to be able to run the Samsung Flow app, along with having NFC and Bluetooth functionality to work with the Tab Pro S. You’ll also need to register at least one fingerprint before installing and setting up Samsung Flow. If you can’t setup a fingerprint, you won’t be able to use Flow.

Once installed, you’ll open Flow on your Tab Pro S, then open it on your Android phone.

Samsung Flow on S7

The first time you use Flow on your phone, you’ll turn it “On” then “Accept” the Terms and Conditions for using it.

Samsung Flow Terms and Conditions

Now, move back to your Tab Pro S and click “Pair.”

Intro to Samsung Flow

Locate your phone on the list, click on it to begin the pairing process.

Locate your phone in Samsung Flow

A pop-up will confirm you want to pair your Tab Pro S to your phone. Click “Yes.”

Confirm pairing phone to Tab Pro S

A passkey will appear on your phone, and your Tab Pro S. Make sure they match, then click “Yes” on both devices.

Confirm passkey to pair phone to Tab Pro S

Then, click “Register Fingerprint” which will open the Settings app.


Look for Windows Hello and click “Register” or “Add another” fingerprint.

Windows Hello in Settings app

Click “Get started” to start the process.

Windows Hello fingerprint tutorial

Now, a pop-up will appear on your phone asking you to scan your previously registered fingerprint. Once you do that, and the Tab Pro S accepts it, you’ll be all set.

Scan fingerprint on phone to add to Windows Hello on Tab Pro S

The Samsung Flow instructions will switch to the Notifications tab, and you’re good to go to use Flow with your Tab Pro S.

All set!

How to Use Samsung Flow

Samsung Flow notifications

Samsung Flow, at its core, makes using your Tab Pro S easier on the go. With access to your phone’s mobile network, it can automatically switch over and use it whenever public Wi-Fi access or a known network is unavailable.

Notifications sent to Tab Pro S via Samsung Flow

It can also send notifications, such as text messages, to your Tab Pro S where you can respond right from the interface versus picking up your phone and texting back.

Samsung Flow hot spot

And, of course, you can now use your fingerprint to login to your Tab Pro S so long as your phone and the device are paired.

For now, those are the big key features from Samsung Flow. With its release, Samsung is looking to change the way devices interact with each other. If you own a Tab Pro S, I highly recommend tinkering with the functionality of Samsung Flow to see how it makes the Tab Pro S work even better, especially on the go.


The Samsung Tab Pro S is a beautiful piece of hardware, and Samsung is making it easier than ever to get key features that may not be included in the device.

By pairing your phone and Tab Pro S up, you can get biometric logins, access to a dedicated mobile hotspot, and notifications right on the device. If you’re using the Tab Pro S, consider using Samsung Flow for added functionality out of the box.