Google Chrome is one of the best browsers on the market, and rightfully so. Aside from the fact that it is a Google product, it also has features that run circles around other browsers.

Here are some excellent features of Google Chrome that should compel you to have it on your PC, or even use it as your primary browser.

The Basics: Speed, Reliability, Synchronization

These are the top 3 reasons why an avid internet surfer would love to use Google Chrome.


Google Chrome reportedly set the standard for fast web browsing, and while different browser shootouts have revealed varied results, one thing remains clear: Google Chrome’s speed has secured for the browser a seemingly permanent spot at the top of the most favored browsers on the market.


As regards reliability, Google Chrome counts as one of the most stable, bug-free browsers around. Since stability and security are crucial in anyone’s workflow (gotta hate those browser crashes because of too many tabs open), one’s browser of choice must be one that doesn’t crash as much. Google Chrome delivers that, especially with security fixes and updates released in a very rapid cycle.


Lastly, since mobile has now overtaken the PC in terms of the number of users on the platform, it’s important that a user would be able to sync content between devices. Reading up on a new productivity hack, but you need to clock out for Friday Date Night? If you’ve logged into your Google Account on Chrome, your tabs and bookmarks will sync seamlessly.

What Makes Chrome The King: Extensions

Now this is where Google Chrome gets exciting.

While Firefox is touted to have better support for and more robust add-ons, it’s still undeniable that Google Chrome has some of the most interesting extensions.

Chalk it up to how Google may be more in touch with developers, or how developers are not only building apps for Chrome but also for the Chrome OS. Either way, Google’s Chrome Web Store  is chock-full of interesting apps and extensions.

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Travel The World Vicariously With Earth View From Google Earth

Sure, we’d all love to travel more often, but not all of us have the luxury of packing up and seeing the world. Thankfully, Earth View from Google Earth allows us to just up and choose some place across the planet and look at it for a couple of minutes.

It’s not as breathtaking as the real experience, but it sure gives you a nice diversion. For those who practice the Pomodoro Method, this is the perfect extension to play with when you take your 5-minute mini-breaks.

Combat Phishing With Password Alert

Phishing is possibly one of the most dangerous evils that has come to life with the advances in internet connectivity. For the less technologically savvy, it’s simply too easy to fall into the trap of entering one’s login credentials or personal information on a deceptive web page. So, if you’re the type who’s prone to doing that, or just want to be cautious maybe it’s time to install this extension.

Password Alert will warn you if you’re entering your Google Account password onto sites that are NOT Google. While the extension won’t protect your other, non-Google accounts, it will surely protect you from absent-mindedly falling victim to phishing attacks, for Google Accounts. Most internet users’ main accounts are on Google, so this is still a significant cyber security help.

Broadcast Your URLs To Other Devices Within “Earshot” With Google Tone

Broadcasting a URL to other internet-connected devices that would be able to catch sound from each other, connected via Google Tone? How cool is that?

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I mean, sharing URLs via the Cloud is fine, it’s the new normal. But there’s something cool about knowing that you could share your URLs from, say, PC to Tablet, via sound and WiFi. Sure, it’ll feel almost the same, getting your links across devices on the Google Tone app and extension, but just knowing HOW that happened (sound and WiFi, yay!) makes it even geekier, nerdier, and just way cooler.

There are hundreds of other cool extensions on the Google Chrome Web Store, and these are just the 3 I’d recommend to all Chrome users.

To find out which apps are preferred by other users across the globe:

– Filter your extension search by the rating (choose the highest ratings, such as 5+ or 4+ stars), or go to the Editor’s Picks section, where Chrome’s Web Store editors have already curated the best apps for us all to enjoy.

Don’t forget to check out the games, as well as the standalone chat apps for your favorite social networking or messaging service, either. Have fun with your extensions!

More Cool Stuff

1) The Dino Game, Dino Desert Run. Did you know that if you ever find yourself in a state of being disconnected from the Internet, you could just hit the spacebar and then Chrome will launch into a sidescrolling dino-jumping game? It feels a little like playing an 80’s computer game, but it’s pretty entertaining, especially since you’re stuck without an Internet connection anyway. For more details, click Here or Here, or watch the YouTube video by @DEEPANJAN BISWAS.

2) Search any Site Directly. Just type “search term site:,” and you’ll be able to search within the site, pronto. You may also type the site’s URL, say, “,” hit TAB, then enter your search term.

If you need further explanations, check this Chrome Blog guide for using the function, this Google Help/Support Doc on using operators for more comprehensive searches or this LifeHacker article: The Secret Powers of Chrome’s Address Bar.

3) Lock Your Chrome User With A Password. Just like locking your computer’s User Account when you step away from your PC, this kludge suggested by LifeHacker may prove useful if a coworker or a family member needs to use your PC for a bit. You may need to set up multiple Chrome profiles or they can use other browsers in order to surf the Internet. At best, your bookmarks, history, and other settings will stay safe and untouched.

4) Stack Your Tabs. If you’re the type of PC user who has around 8 to 16GB RAM and doesn’t care if you open a gazillion tabs, then you have a different “problem” — your tabs may have bunched up so much, you can’t tell what’s on it already.

Here’s an easy way to deal with this problem: Activate the Stacked Tabs feature on your Chrome. Go to “chrome://flags” or “about: flags,” find the option for Stacked Tabs (Hint: Hit CTRL+F to find it faster; search for “Stacked”), activate the feature, restart, and see if you like it. Here’s how to juggle a gazillion tabs on other browsers: How to Manage an Excessive Amount of Tabs in Any Browser.

5) Find Your Phone. Before you jump to the conclusion that you’ve lost your phone somewhere, or worse, someone stole it, you could check if it’s just buried under the pile of clothes or forgotten on a counter or tabletop somewhere by typing “find my phone” on Chrome.

All you have to do is to set up your Google Account with your Android, turn on the GPS and place finding feature, log into the same account on Google Chrome > Settings > Sign In, and when your phone is not within your sight, type “find my phone,” and it should show you where your phone is at. Check out how it works, on this screenshot.

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The Wrap

Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the most elegant browsers developed. As we already outlined and raved, it’s not only built to be a reliable, fast browser, but it’s also one of the most feature-packed, with a robust community of devs creating new apps for it.

More than anything, most Google Chrome Apps will be able to sync data with your Android, too. So if you haven’t checked out the Chrome Web Store just yet, just click the link, and start exploring.

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