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Toast is one of the innovative phone case and accessory companies out there. They offer a variety of hand-crafted wood cases and overlays, giving your phones, tablets, and more a unique look and feel.

We were first introduced to the brand at CES 2015 and were blown away by the creativity and customization involved in Toast cases. Now, we’re happy to say we’re trying out our first Toast overlay case on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Let’s look at what you can expect from a Toast wood cover phone case, along with some tips for easier installation of the case on your device.

Toast Wood Cover Phone Case Review

Many consumers buy phone cases for one of two reasons: Protection or aesthetics. Depending on what you want out of a phone case, you’ll pick a case that fits who you are and what you put out into the wood or you’ll buy a case to protect your phone from dropping it.

Sometimes those two things are mutually exclusive, sometimes they’re not. When it comes to some of the most beautiful cases out there, like the Toast wood cover phone case, you’re going for purely aesthetic.

The Toast wood cover phone case comes in an easy to open package.

Toast wood cover packaging

Toast Covers Wrap Around Your Phone

It comes with three pieces: A front cover, a back cover, and button and camera covers.

Set aside all three pieces, turn off your phone, and if you have a current case, take it off. You can leave your screen protector on if you want but you may not be able to lay your Toast case completely flat if you do. Keep that in mind when you begin installing the case.

Inside Toast wood phone case

You’ll see when you flip the back case piece that it has pre-cut holes within the backing, this is intentional and makes it easy to take the back case off your phone.

Installing the Toast wood cover phone case will take some time and patience. It’s also where you run into any issues you’ll have with the case. Toast does a great job explaining just how to install the case on your phone, so if you follow those instructions, you’ll have your beautiful case wrapped around your phone in no time.

One of the biggest complaints about phone wraps, including Toast’s wood covers, is that they break easily during installation and removal. That’s where patience will be your biggest ally in installing the wood cover.

Take your time, make small movements, and step away if you get frustrated for a break, because you just might crack or break the wrap rendering it useless for your phone.

Top of phone

Once installed, you’ll notice the phone feels like it’s made of wood. The look and feel of the Toast case mimics the feeling of wood giving your phone a unique case.

Keep in mind that the case won’t protect your phone if you drop it, so be careful when handling it. However, the Toast wood case does feel sturdy and has grip to it, so it shouldn’t slip out of your hand like certain types of plastic cases on the market.

Back of phone

Overall, we were impressed by the looks and feel of the Toast wood cover phone case on the Galaxy S7. When you look at what Toast has done in person, along with the gallery on their website, you can see the love that pours into each case made, especially the customized ones.

Tips for Installing the Toast Wood Cover Phone Case

Installing the Toast wood cover case is where your biggest frustration with the case will be. You need to take your time, have patience, and follow the instructions exactly. For those of you who don’t necessarily do the above in life – like me – you’re going to run into tiny issues installing the case that you can overcome.

  1. Make sure to wipe down the entirety of your phone, including the buttons before you begin. You want your phone to be free from dirt and debris to make sure the adhesive sticks properly.
  2. Ensure you press down firmly, especially around the corners and edges. You may need to hold the corners down for ten to 15 seconds to make sure they fit properly and stay in place.
  3. When installing the front cover, align the cover over your buttons and lights before pressing down. If you misalign the case, simply peel it off gently and try again. You may need to do this several times to get the button alignment right, especially with the back cover.

Above all else, take your time when installing the Toast wood cover phone case and you’ll have a beautiful case on your phone or device in no time.


We’re impressed by what Toast is doing and will continue to do in the future. If you’re looking for a one of a kind phone case, check out what customizations Toast can do for you. You don’t always have to go with a standard phone case just to protect your phone, you can go for something unique, like Toast, that matches your personality and brings out some beauty in your device or phone.

Learn more about Toast wood cases by visiting their website here.

Disclaimer: The above company sent us the product for testing. However, that has not swayed my opinion of their product one way or another. All conclusions are based on at least a week of careful testing.