The Windows 10 Anniversary Update accidentally broke webcams across the world. Microsoft hasn’t released a fix yet, and there’s no ETA on when an update will roll out that fixes it for consumers.

In the meantime, there’s a few troubleshooting steps you can take to try to fix the issue and a registry hack that will fix the issue for the time being to get your webcam up and running.

Let’s look at how to troubleshoot your webcam issues after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Troubleshooting Your Webcam Issues After the Windows 20 Anniversary Update

If you have a built-in or third-party webcam, you may notice it’s unresponsive, freezes, or otherwise, doesn’t work after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Whether you use the Windows 20 Camera app, Skype, or another program, the issues are the same.

For some consumers, it has rendered their webcams completely useless; for others, they may not necessarily experience the issue. Here’re three ways to troubleshoot the problem until Microsoft corrects it.

Updating Drivers

Windows Update

Using Windows Update, the manufacturer’s website, or a program like DriverBooster, check to see if there are any driver updates available for your webcam. Some consumers have reported updating to the latest driver has fixed the issue in some instances.

If no driver update is available, we recommend uninstalling the current driver through the Device Manager, rebooting your PC, and letting Windows install the current driver for the device. This may correct the issue, too.

Different Software

If updating the driver doesn’t help, or there’s no driver update available, try different webcam software. There’s the Windows Camera app, Skype, Google Hangouts, and other programs out there, including the default webcam software that comes with any third-party webcam.

Some consumers have reported that switching up the software they commonly use allows the webcam to work. This may or may not work and depending on the software but is worth trying.

Registry Edit

Several websites have reported editing the registry can make your webcam work again.

Note: If you don’t feel comfortable editing your registry, do not attempt this to troubleshoot the issues with webcams and the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Search for “Regedit” with Cortana (and make sure to right-click and “Run as administrator)” or open it with the “Win + R” key if you are on the administrator account for your computer.

Registry Editor

Once open, navigate to the following area of your computer’s registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Media Foundation\Platform

You are looking for the following entry: EnableFrameServerMode.

If this exists, the webcam issue may be beyond what’s currently going on with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and you’ll need to contact your laptop’s manufacturer and/or webcam company.

If you don’t see the entry, you’ll want to right-click in the window and click “New.”

Create new DWORD

Choose “DWORD (32-bit) Value.”

Modify DWORD values

Now, rename the entry to “EnableFrameServerMode.”

Right-click on the new entry and modify the Value data to “0” and click “OK.”

Then, launch your webcam and see if it works now.


If your webcam still isn’t working after the above troubleshooting steps, you may have to wait for Microsoft to hotfix the issue. You can try contacting your PC manufacturer or webcam manufacturer for additional troubleshooting, but at this point, it may not be worth the effort.

At this point, you’ll need to wait for Microsoft to do something about the issue and we are hoping that the update would be sent shortly.