It seems like just yesterday we were on the show floor covering the ins and outs of CES 2016. Now, CES 2017 is upon us and TechNorms is looking forward to another fun-filled adventure to Sin City.

Before we hit The Strip bringing you the latest and greatest CES offers, let’s look at some of the big trends to expect from this year’s show.

5 of the Biggest Trends to Look Out for at CES

Internet of Things (IoT)


IoT, or the Internet of Things, was a big hot button topic last year at CES and it’s easy to see why. As more consumers look for ways to stay connected throughout their days, the technology industry is racing to create products with the functionality and connectivity they need.

Last year, we saw big things from Samsung, LG, and car manufacturers, allowing consumers to seamlessly go from work to home to play with ease. Smart homes, driverless cars, cloud-based devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, and more are looking to become part of your everyday life starting at CES.

Driverless Cars

Smart cars

The concept of the driverless cars had had its up and downs in 2016, but 2017 looks towards auto manufacturers and ride-sharing services to pave the way for success.

With Uber test driving cars in San Francisco – then, later being banned – and Google looking for ways to integrate the technology into its own campuses, it’s only a matter of time before government-sanctioned testing begins for driverless cars in the US and abroad. Expect developments from Faraday Future, Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz this January.



Wearables have been the rage at CES, and other tech events, for the last three years. With big companies like Pebble going under, Fitbit being locked in legal battles, and Jawbone fighting to stay afloat, smaller companies looking to truly break out into wearables and activity trackers will be front and center at this year’s CES.

Even the Apple Watch suffered in 2016, with consumers not quite buying into the hype. However, that hasn’t stopped wearables at CES with this year boasting the most wearable vendors in recent years.

Augmented and Virtual Reality


Augmented and virtual reality devices took center stage at CES last year but few manufacturers and content providers took the lead in where the technology could be used. NASA, Qualcomm, and a handful of smaller companies truly used VR and AR in innovative ways but the rest of those companies were stuck producing crappy environments and games for consumers.

No wonder consumers aren’t quite taking to VR like the tech world expected them to. CES 2017 will feature more of the same, with Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft leading the innovation in what VR and AR can truly do for people.

Artificial Intelligence


Working together with the IoT-concept, artificial intelligence looks to make its way to the CES show floor this year. With Facebook leading some of the charge, it looks like AI is the way of the future, especially for smart home technologies.

We expect an AI presence at CES but more like what we saw last year with VR and AR technologies. This is the first-year major companies are pushing AI and robotics to integrate smart technologies, so time will tell on the show floor whether the push is worth the coverage.


As always with CES, it’s hard to tell what’ll make an impact on the show floor until we’re cruising the convention center. As always, the big names will offer a first consider the trends defining tech this year, followed by the smaller guys looking to break into the fold on the floor.

We’ll be covering everything above, along with the big guys and smaller companies, so you can get a taste of all the tech to come in 2017 from CES.