CES Unveiled is one of my favorite events each year. It gives members of the press one-on-one time with companies big and small. Most of these companies can be found on the floor of one of the many CES show floor locations, but CES Unveiled is a much smaller and intimate event.

This gives us the chance to go hands on with products, talk with developers, ask questions, and really see what makes these companies stand out from the competition.

Here’s five of the best finds from 2017’s CES Unveiled event.

Top 5 Finds from CES Unveiled



I’ve always been a sucker for Elmo from Sesame Street. He was my favorite character on the show growing up. That’s what caught my eye when walking past WowWee’s table. This Elmo coding report, the Elmoji, helps kids learn coding.

By pairing a familiar figure to kids and the power of robotics, WowWee’s app helps kids learn problem solving skills, play games, and more. It’s an adorable way to connect kids with learning, especially when it comes to computers and technology.

Learn more about WowWee here.



The LoveBox is one of those things I looked at during CES Unveiled, titled my head, and said, “What?” The LoveBox is a tiny box that allows you to send a message to anyone, anywhere. The heart on the front spins when a message is received, then you open the small box to read the message.

When speaking with Jean, the Co-Founder of LoveBox, he told me he came up with the idea when he wanted to send his girlfriend messages when they were apart in a romantic way.

Learn more about the LoveBox here.



You can never have too much choice, especially at CES. The iPowerUp table featured a charging case and solar charging cases for a variety of Apple and Android phones, including my S7.

I had the opportunity to test one of the S7 cases and I was pleased by how slim it was compared to other brands on the market, like Mophie.

One of the biggest issues with charging cases are how bulky they can be but iPowerUp seems to have figured out how to solve that issue and make these cases more reasonably sized.

Learn more about iPowerUp here.

Hover Camera Passport

Hover Camera Passport

The Hover Camera Passport received a lot of hype before CES even began. Seeing it in person was awesome, especially when it doesn’t look a thing like the drones you’re used to seeing in the sky.

The Hover Camera Passport uses auto-follow technology to track you as you go about your day no matter what you’re up to. It’s easy to operate with a release and hover feature so even the most inexperienced of drone users can get started quickly.

Learn more about the Hover Camera Passport here.

CT Band

CT Band

The CT Band is a rather unique concept. Instead of buying a smart watch with all the built-in functionality, why not turn your favorite watch “smart?” The CT Band is an activity tracker-based watch band that comes in seven colors and a variety of styles, such as leather and silicone.

The band itself has smart features built in, which you track via app. You can get calls and text messages via the band, along with the number of steps you’ve taken throughout the day, the current temperature, the amount of oxygen in your blood, your heartbeat, and more.

Learn more about the CT band here.


As you can see, there’s a lot to look forward to at this year’s CES and Unveiled is just the start. There’s a reason I love covering this event and it’s because I get to see some of the coolest things at CES without fighting the crowds to get a good look.

If what I’m seeing at CES Unveiled this year is any indication, the show floors at the Convention Center and the Sands this year are going to be filled with awesome gadgets, accessories, and more to share with you.