LG Unveils Wallpaper Thin TV, Airbot Airport Assistant, and More at CES 2017

LG press conference CES 2017

LG prides itself in innovation for a better life. Whether it’s smart home technology, its line of OLED televisions, or something in between, LG has broken barriers in the technology industry for decades.

With IoT front and center this year, along with robotics, LG looked to merge the two together in ways that help us at home, at work, and elsewhere in our lives.

Let’s look at what LG presented, what we can expect from the show floor, and more from their CES press conference.

A Recap of the LG Press Conference at CES 2017

Dr. Skott Ahn, President and Chief Technology Officer for LG, began the press conference detailing what happened last year at CES as well as LG’s vision for the future. This recap touched on the LG Signature line of smart appliances, its developments in the tech behind smart car partnerships, and of course, televisions.


LG wanted to highlight three main areas at this year’s CES: Appliances, robots, and TVs.

By reacquainting the audience with its DeepThinQ technology, LG wants your smart home to be more than just intelligent. It wants it to be contextually intelligent. It wants your smart home to help you live life more efficiently and effectively; it wants your interactions with robotics to be the same way as we’ll touch on a bit later.

Dr. Ahn highlighted the important partnerships LG has developed with industry leaders in the Open Connectivity Foundation, along with Google and Amazon.

LG’s Big Announcements During CES 2017

David VanderWaal, Vice President, Marketing at LG, was introduced to walk us through LG’s latest and greatest.


LG and Amazon Alexa partnership

Starting with its automotive technology, we glimpsed what the future holds for LG’s stake in driverless cars and the tech behind them. This included glimpses at its driver state monitoring system, panoramic displays, and integration of 5G technology in automobiles.

Next, we looked at the cloud-connected appliances in LG’s Signature line. LG wants all its appliances to be 100 percent Wi-Fi and connected to the cloud for a true “smart home” experience for consumers. It highlighted object recognition technology in its devices, including the ability to warn you as a human when you’re in its way. VanderWaal also touched on LG’s introduction of the TwinWash washing machine at last year’s show.

Next up was the LG’s Smart InstaView refrigerator, featuring everything from seeing its contents without opening the door to note taking capabilities to wishing you a happy birthday upon recognizing you on that day each year.

While no major developments came from when the fridge was revealed last year, LG did announce a partnership with Amazon Services. This partnership, using Alexa, allows you to order items through Amazon for delivery to your home right from your LG fridge.


LG Hub Robot

After a brief presentation from Mike George, Vice President, Alexa, Echo and Appstore, Amazon, we moved on to LG’s line of robotics coming to a home and airport near you soon.

LG Airbot

We saw LG’s Hub Robot in action via video and briefly on stage, but LG’s Airbot stole the show. We saw a video on how the Airbot works but once on stage, she spoke to us welcoming us to CES and showing us what information could be gleamed from a boarding pass for passengers trying to get around airports of the world.


LG has pioneered a variety of TV technology from the OLED display and through partnerships with content services and audio companies, such as Dolby. After a brief look at some of the new super UHD coming to LG’s 2017 television line, we were shown the future of TV as we know it.

LG OLED TV W reveal

After a slideshow detailing the evolution of TV from its black and white roots to today, LG introduced us to the LG Signature OLED TV W. The W is paper thin – described as a “wallpaper TV.” The is mounted to the wall with magnetic brackets and is 2.67mm thick. It fits flush with a wall; unless you know what you’re looking at, you’d swear it was built into the wall its mounted on.

LG has collaborated with Dolby, not just with the OLED TV W, but on other OLED models, too. After a brief talk on what Dolby brings to the table for LG’s line of TVs, we saw LG break into the 4K Blu-ray player market with a truly innovative design and device.


LG delivered some amazing innovation with its W TV and Airbot. It’s smart home technology and Signature line of appliances is bound to change the way consumers interact with their homes. With the addition of a line of smart robotics, the way we do things at home, work, and play is about to change for the better. Will it make our lives easier? Better? Smarter? We shall see.

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