Digital Experience

While you will always find interesting and quirky thing on the CES show floors throughout Las Vegas, private events like Pepcom’s Digital Experience offer a one-on-one opportunity you might not get during the show.

TechNorms’ second year at Digital Experience, showcasing some of the same folks we saw at CES Unveiled the night before and brought us face-to-face with new, innovative, and curious gadgets and tech.

Let’s look at seven of our best finds from Pepcom’s Digital Experience.

7 of the Best Finds from Pepcom’s Digital Experience

I always try to find products that stand out, that I would use, or are different from what you are used to seeing everywhere during CES.



Aera may look like an unassuming device, but it is a powerful scent distribution system that’s controlled by your smartphone. It is adjustable to a variety of rooms sizes, comes with a choice of scents, and the app lets you do everything from setting a scent schedule to the strength of distribution.

After smelling a few scents and seeing how the app works, the overall concept of the Aera seems like a great option for homes looking for adding fragrance at home without lighting a candle, burning incense, or spraying Febreeze.

To learn more about Aera, visit their website here.



BACtrack is an industry leading when it comes to breathalyzer technology, and now they are lending that background to a wearable device. The BACtrack Skyn tracks your blood alcohol content (BAC) via a wristband or add-on for the Apple Watch. When paired with its app, you can track your alcohol intake and effect it has on you in real-time.

For $99, this is an affordable option for those wanting to make sure they have not drank too much when out. I asked the guys at BACtrack if they see any sort of implementation in the future for Skyn with the smart car and while it is not at the forefront of their product now, it may be in the future.

To learn more about BACtrack, visit their website here.



DIYZ is one of those apps out there you thought was out there but isn’t. DIYZ is a smartphone app that allows do-it-yourselfers to see tutorials, videos, and tool lists to tackle home improvement project.

By using everyday consumers in their videos with the help of an on-site contractor, the content on DIYZ is the best part of the app, because it’s real homeowners tackling DIY projects you’re following. After speaking to the folks at DIYZ and inquiring into how they’re providing tutorials, I’ll be keeping a close eye on where they go from here with their app in the future.

To learn more about DIYZ, visit their website here.

LEGO Boost

LEGO Boost

If you are not familiar with LEGO, you probably aren’t from this planet. LEGO is another company at CES which is looking for a way to reinvent itself in some ways by launching an STEM-based coding education into its products. LEGO Boost helps kids learn how to code and use their imaginations to bring to life a guitar, a robot, and more.

Once the LEGOs are out of the box, a smartphone app walks kids through the building and programming process to bring their creations to life. Of course, I asked if these LEGOs were just for kids, and the resounding answer was “no.” Even us big kids love LEGOs!

To learn more about LEGO Boost, visit their website here.

Norton Core

Norton Core

When you like of Norton, you think of the anti-virus giant who pioneered many of the internet security protocols and quarantine processes available in everyone’s security suites. Norton is getting into hardware with its Core router. The Norton Core is a router that helps defend your home as it becomes part of the internet of things.

Every device connected to Core can be isolated from the network if necessary, and you can track via smartphone app security breaches, kick devices off your network if an issue arises, and more. I spent some time talking to the engineers behind the Norton Core and was impressed by the attention to technical details needed to make this a competitive router, despite the focus on security.

To learn more about Norton Core, visit their website here.



The Phazon wireless earbuds are designed for any type of activity. From snowboarding to running to just about any sport you can think of, Phazon’s unique molded design fits any ear and stays in place no matter the activity at hand. With an IP 68 waterproof rating, even sweat cannot loosen the earbuds fit in your ears.

I had the opportunity to talk to the folks at Phazon and test out their earbuds. As one of those people who have issues with earbuds falling out no matter what I’m doing, I was surprised to see how comfortable they felt in my ears; they felt tight, almost like they were made for my ears.

To learn more about Phazon, visit their website here.


PowerRayOne of the biggest issues with the drone industry is that nobody is doing anything new. Sure, a drone can fly further, the battery last longer, and gimbal design changes here and there, but what about how a drone is used or what it can do that’s new?

Along comes the PowerRay, this fishing drone from PowerVision is an underwater drone that doubles as a fish finder. Whether you want to see what it looks like capturing the one that almost got away or want to capture moments underwater, the PowerRay makes it happen.

While talking to the folks at PowerVision about the applications of PowerRay beyond just catching fish and was impressed by their vision of how their drone could be used in the future. Want to know more?

To learn more about PowerRay, you can check out their website here.


Events like Pepcom’s Digital Experience give us an opportunity to check out cool new apps, services, and gadgets we may not get so close to during CES.

What we listed above appealed to me, but you never know what you might find walking around and checking everything out. We can’t wait to see what Digital Experience showcases next year at CES.