Datpiff-android-music-appI’ll be honest. I’m not much for mixtapes, rap and other types of dance music. It’s not that I don’t like rap or techno, it’s just a genre of music I don’t listen to. My tastes lie in stranger lands like Arcade Fire and The Black Keys. But if there’s one common strand connecting my all the music on my iPod and Evo, it’s that no band has anything in common with the others. If it’s enjoyable to listen to, then it’ll probably end up on my playlists.

That’s why I enjoyed Datpiff so much. It did an excellent job putting a spotlight on a genre of music I don’t know as well as I should. After spending quite a bit of time listening to the artists featured on Datpiff, I now have a much greater respect for rap artists. If you enjoy any kind of hip hop or rap, then Datpiff is exactly what you’re looking for.

Getting Started

First step is the obvious, a visit to the Android Market. Datpiff is free to download and use, thankfully. The developers support themselves through ads, but Datpiff is perhaps the first app I’ve ever used whose ads never annoyed me. The whole thirty seconds I spent picking a song limited the amount of time spent staring at ads.
Datpiff also elected to stay on the classy side with only minor scrolling ads. Unlike certain other free music services who insist on interrupting my playlists with advertising (nobody in particular, Spotify), Datpiff is happy to leave you to your music. It also refrains from resorting to punitive skip limits or limitations on which artists can be played.

The app takes seconds to download and install. Makes sense because most of the data is streaming to your Android device and not stored locally. After that, using the app is as easy as selecting an artist and hitting play.

Using Datpiff

At its core, Datpiff is one of the best iteration of mobile streaming music I’ve seen. People who dislike rap music won’t find anything they like here, but hip hop fans who recognize names like Caddy Da Don, B. o. B. and Anthony Hamilton will definitely enjoy themselves.


The selection is impressively complete. The ever present and always helpful search bar is good for finding your personal favorite artists, and the “Hot Today” section is a great starting point for rap newbies like me.

I was enjoying the nice selection of free music when I saw the bottom row of tabs. Datpiff isn’t just streaming music, you can actually stream music videos. The visual and especially the audio quality in the music videos suffers, but no complaints here. Again, Datpiff’s conspicuous lack of irritating advertisements earns it some serious brownie points.

The final two tabs are News and Favorites. Favorites requires a Datpiff account, but it being able to mark your preferred songs for easy listening is worth the sign up. News is a little bare bones, but I appreciate the thought of including it. The news items are basically links to the source article.

Some Downsides

As much as Datpiff impressed me, I still have a couple reservations. Again, I can’t reiterate the musical taste barrier enough. If you dislike rap, don’t go anywhere near this app. This one is absolutely for hip hop fans only.


Also, I would caution against using Datpiff over 3G. They warn as much in the app. Streaming anything (and especially videos) will spike data usage if you’re not careful. Though you can monitor your internet usage, this is best used over wifi or Sprint’s 4G.

I also had a lot of trouble with the controls. Datpiff isn’t exactly MIUI Music or iTunes, for that matter. The interface isn’t nearly as easy to use as the native Android music app.

Bottom Line

If you’re a fan of Drake and his fellow artists, Datpiff is perfect. All the mixtapes that anyone could ever possibly want or need, Datpiff offers it for free. The app itself is well built and shows excellent design. All in all, highly recommended.

Download Datpiff Android App:

Start a barcode (QR code) scanner on your phone and scan the QR code below. This will take you directly to the Android Market to download the app. If you do not have a QR Code scanner app, choose one from the Top Scanner Apps for Android.

Download Datpiff Android App

Download Datpiff from Android market.

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